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Nintendo Direct: for a rumor it will be held next week

With the Tokyo Game Show upon us and the death of Queen Elizabeth II, he wasn’t sure if Nintendo Direct would be held, but rumors seem to confirm the event for next week.

As mentioned above these days the whole world is in great turmoil. On the one hand, the final details are being prepared for the more than imminent Tokyo Game Show and on the other hand we mourn the disappearance of Queen Elizabeth II, but the show must go on and the same seems to apply to the Nintendo Direct. So let’s go to understand the situation a little better.

Nintendo Direct: that September 12 is the X day?

Recently in recent days we had already mentioned the occurrence of a Big N event and now, as time passes, it seems that the rumors are multiplying. Curious were in fact the back and forth messages on Twitter between ben noti Jeff Grubb e NateTheHatewe leave them below in any case.

The former tweeted that due to the worsening of the physical condition and then the death of the English sovereign, Nintendo Direct probably would not be held, but then stated that it was still active, claiming that it should be held next week. NateTheHate, for its part, then indicated Monday 12 September as day Xof course there is nothing official yet, but we keep the fingers crossed!

As for the titles that could be announced, it is always Grubb who argues that more information should be revealed on the versioni in HD di The Wind Waker e Twilight Princess (two of the most beautiful chapters of Zelda for GameCube) together with the official name of the sequel to Breath of the Wild coming in 2023. Furthermore, it seems that more news will also arrive for Bayonetta 3 and Advance Wars 1 + 2: Re-Boot Camp.

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