Nintendo Switch: increase in production expected in 2023

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The Big N prepares for a big spurt: unit production increases for Nintendo Switch according to a report on the situation of 2023

We haven’t been dealing with sales data for some time now, but it is true that if there is one thing on which Nintendo Switch does not fear the competition of the next-gen is the availability of its units, and things will get even better in the 2023 with a increase in production of the console. According to a new report by Bloomberg, the Kyoto giant plans an acceleration for its red and blue hybrid in the sixth year of its extended life cycle. The total unit fluctuates between 19 million consoles in expectations dating back to last November and the maximum ceiling of 21, but things will only get better.

More production for more players: Nintendo Switch puts the turbo in 2023

Let’s make it clear right now that we are entering the nebulous world of gods rumoras the report cites “people familiar with the matter” as sources and then declares that Nintendo has already briefed “suppliers and assemblers” in order to increase the production of Switch units in thefiscal year 2023. For anyone who hasn’t already come across this form of lawyering, the fiscal year begins in April (reason behind suspicions about the timing with which Super Mario 3D All-Stars slipped away in that specific month). We leave you to consult the post on Twitter about it.

At this point, we don’t have well-defined figures, but let’s assume that the Big N adjusts according to its expectations (and adequately following the demand surrounding the console). The company’s plans suggest there is “steady demand for at least another year.” Total sales (read: non-annual) of the hybrid platform reached 114 million last October. 2023 already looks crazy for fans of the crimson titan thanks to Pikmin 4 and The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom. Analysts have previously predicted that a Zelda-branded console would be attractive to those who already have the platform, and in December i leak of a themed OLED they were not long in coming.

Now it’s up to you to tell us yours: what expectations do you have? Let us know below, and as always, don’t forget to stay on for all the most important news for gamers and more. For your purely gaming needs, you can instead find the best discounts in digital format on Instant Gaming.