Zero Motorcycles a Motor Bike EXPO 2023

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Zero Motorcycles will participate in Motor Bike EXPO 2023in support of your local dealer E-move by “EcoZero” of Verona. The appointment for the 2023 edition is from 27 to 29 January at Veronafiere, find Zero Motorcycles at stand 220 in hall 5.

Zero Motorcycles will participate in Motor Bike EXPO 2023

The Verona event opens the Italian motorcycle season, with some of the new bikes from the 2023 range of Zero Motorcycles as protagonists. Among these, the queen will undoubtedly be there DSR/X, the new adventure bike that offers performance at the top of its category. This is because it takes advantage of the engine Z-Force 75-10X, able to deliver a torque of 225 Nm and a power of 100 hp. With a 17.3 kWh Li-ion battery. But not only power, also intelligence: in fact it offers features based on the 16 years of experience of the Cypher III+ proprietary operating system.

Alongside this model, we also find the SR/F and the SR/Swhich for this season have a battery pack with a capacity of 17.3 kWh, a charging speed of up to 6.6 kW and Park mode as standard.

But in addition to the vehicles dedicated to the car, you will also find other motorcycles such as FXE, the urban model par excellence. With the engine ZForce 75-5 and the proprietary Cypher II operating system and 5-inch color TFT display.

Finally, the historical models will also be present at the Zero stand DS e FX. The DS has great dynamic qualities, also thanks to a Bosch ABS system and a 5-inch color TFT screen similar to that of the Zero SR/F and SR/S.

Instead the Zero FX it was born as an off-road vehicle, but allows for great handling in the city, with a refined but essential design, without stylistic frivolities. With an almost instantaneous engine torque of 106 Nm and only 131 kg in weightpromises excellent performance.

You can find these bikes at stand 220 in pavilion 5 of Veronafiera.