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Nintendo Switch Online: revealed the release date of Pokémon Stadium

One of Direct’s biggest hype bearers finally has a release date: that’s when Pokémon Stadium will arrive on Nintendo Switch Online

Just one day from the infrastructural announcement that will certainly involve Nintendo Switch Onlinewe finally have a confirmation of the arrival of Pokémon Stadium. Since the pocket monster brand operates on a completely separate plane from the rest of the Big N (sometimes with questionable results), many of us had almost forgotten the arrival of the game after its announcement. Well, we have an actual release date, which is why we can assume that someone has definitely put their hand on the dropper tap. With lots of trailergiven the importance of the title.

Tell me Pokémon Stadium when you arrive, we’ve been waiting for you on Nintendo Switch Online for a long time

After skipping the Wii U Virtual Console (which would have greatly benefited from the connectivity features with Nintendo 3DS, given the compatibility of the original with the first generation of the brand), Pokémon Stadium will be with us on Nintendo Switch Online next week. To be more precise, let’s talk about Wednesday 12 April. Even without the possibility of connecting with Nintendo 3DS (predictably, at least, given the effective death of its eShop), the game stands as an interpretation in gravy arcade of turn-based combat. The experience is designed more for i competitive players.

This does not prevent the title from also boasting a more casual approach for those of the little monsters who love cuteness above all. There are indeed gods minigames, in which the creatures of GAME FREAK have tried for the first time with a roulette of different gameplay. According to the subtitles of the trailer above, the use of the term Rocca Capopalestra suggests the localization in Italian, complete (for better or for worse) with voice acting. To make sure, however, we just need to wait a week. Next Wednesday the time machine will take us back to when “catch them all” was still an achievable goal.

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