Parliament discusses the role of eSports in the Sport Reform

Il Parlamento discute il ruolo degli eSports nella Riforma dello Sport thumbnail

The hearing in Parliament was held yesterday – April 3, 2023 – to discuss the Sport Reform and the role of eSports in the professional sector. Also present was the Italian Esports Observatory, which put forward the proposal to include pro players as a category within the Reform.

The hearing was held before the VII Culture, Science and Education Commission of the Chamber of Deputies and had the objective of opening a fact-finding survey on issues relating to sports work. The summit was also an opportunity to bring together various exponents of the world of Italian sport in a technical table, who were able to make proposals to the parliamentarians of the Commission on the Reform of Sport about to enter into force.

How do eSports fit into the Sport Reform discussed in Parliament?

The purpose of the Sport Reform is to identify precise methods for sports workers. Second Luigi Caputo, CEO and Founder of the Italian Esports Observatorythis Reform could represent an extraordinary opportunities for the inclusion of the pro player figure within the category of sports workers.

“Without acknowledgment of the work of the players – Caputo argued – the growth of the export sector is blocked in the bud, both in regulatory and economic terms.”

It should be remembered that, in addition to the players, the export sector is dotted with various professionals. Just as a soccer team has coaches, fitness trainers and masseurs, eSports has coaches, streamers and content creators. Personalities who are waiting to be recognized as professional operators in the sector.

Caputo pointed out that the competitive video game market is progressing in Italy despite the absence of certain definitions and rules. And while the superficial debate divides on whether to consider eSports a sport or not, Caputo invited parliamentarians to reflect on how other countries have already seized this opportunity.