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Nintendo Switch Sports field Juliana Moreira

Nintendo Switch Sports plays Juliana Moreira thumbnail

Juliana Moreira and his partner Edoardo Stoppa compete in Nintendo Switch Sports. The showgirl and the TV presenter are in fact part of the new Nintendo Italy campaign, with which they had already collaborated in the past for the commercials dedicated to and Animal Crossing: New Horizons and Ring Fit Adventure. The two are also joined, for the first time, by their daughter Lua. She is the real protagonist of the latest spot dedicated to Switch consoles and Switch Sports.

“Nintendo Italia again chooses the spontaneity of Juliana Moreira to continue talking about fun in company. The Brazilian celebrity most loved by Italians is the protagonist, together with her family, of two subjects who tell the pleasure of playing in company with the latest success from Nintendo. ” reads the company’s official press release.

Juliana Moreira and her family for Nintendo Switch Sports

In the first spot – which you find above – we see Juliana and Lua engaging in an online tennis match. The two team up against other players online, using Nintendo Switch Sports multiplayer. The second post instead – which you can find below – sees protagonists Juliana and Edoardo struggling with a move. The two, helped by a couple of friends, decide to take a break from the boxes after finding an OLED model Switch. The four then decide to challenge each other in a volleyball match.

Both commercials are in television rotation starting from Sunday 23 October, produced by Cinestudio. The direction was handled by Riccardo Paoletti.

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