Nissan Cares is born: a support fund for Ukraine

Nasce Nissan Cares: un fondo di sostegno per l'Ucraina thumbnail

PRAGUE, THE CZECH REPUBLIC, 02.08.2015 – logo of brand Nissan

Nissan announced the establishment of a 2.5 million euro fund to support the Ukrainian population struck by the devastating consequences of the war. The fund in question, called Nissan Cares, will serve to support various initiatives to support Ukraine and its people. Here are the details of the new initiative of the Japanese company to support the population affected by the war.

Nissan launches a support fund for Ukraine

The fund established by Nissan is divided into two parts. The company plans to donate € 1 million to the Red Cross and other non-profit organizations with the aim of supporting healthcare activities and essential supplies. It should also be noted that 1.5 million euros will be allocated to Nissan employees and their families in Ukraine. These funds will cover the costs of relocation, support, medical expenses and special assistance services. All company employees and partners, Nissan said, will be able to contribute to the Nissan Cares fund with monetary donations or donations of goods.

The CEO’s comment

Nissan CEO Makoto Uchida said: “The tragedy in Ukraine is affecting large sections of the population, including members of our own Nissan family. We created the Nissan Cares fund to help them and contribute to international efforts to respond to this immense humanitarian crisis ”.

Note that Nissan has stopped exporting vehicles to Russia and is preparing to stop production at its St. Petersburg plant.