Nissan e-POWER conquista il Green Prix 2021 thumbnail

Nissan e-POWER wins the Green Prix 2021

Nissan e-POWER wins the Green Prix 2021 thumbnail

All-new Nissan Qashqai

New important recognition for Nissan e-POWER. The patent of the Japanese company for electrified mobility has, in fact, won the prize Green Prix 2021 assigned by No Smog Mobility as part of the exhibition dedicated to “Eco-sustainable ideas and solutions”. The new award once again certifies the exclusivity of Nissan technology, awarded for its highly sustainable character.

Nissan e-POWER technology wins the 2021 Green Prix award

Awarded with the GreenPrix 2021, Nissan e-POWER is a cutting-edge technology for electric mobility. The system consists of dto an electric motor that gives traction to the wheels and a heat engine that supplies energy to the battery. This solution guarantees a driving experience typical of electric vehicles, with instant acceleration and silence, combined with low consumption and low emissions. Nissan e-POWER has been used in Japan for about three years. The European debut is scheduled for 2022 with the launch of the new ones Qashqai e X-Trail. This solution is destined to play an important part in the Nissan range.

The Japanese company focuses on the electric with the EV36Zero industrial plan

Nissan continues to develop new solutions for electrified mobility. The EV36Zero industrial plan foresees a maxi-investment for the Sunderland plant and the launch of a new electric crossover. It should also be noted that there is a plan to create a Gigafactory to produce batteries and a renewable energy Microgrid to power the site’s production.

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