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Nissan strengthens EV fast charging network in Europe

Thanks to the partnerships between Nissan and the main suppliers of recharging services for EV, Allego and E.ON, the brand aims to install 24kW and 50kW CSS and CHAdeMO DC fast recharges at its dealers in 18 European countries.

Nissan will expand its fast-charging network in 18 European countries

Here comes a new strategic partnership for Nissan, which signs an agreement with I attach ed E.ON, the leading providers of electric vehicle charging services. The purpose of the collaboration is to improve and expand the fast charging offer at the proprietary dealership network in Europe. In fact, the partnership involves the installation of 24kW and 50kW CCS and CHAdeMO DC fast charging units at participating Nissan dealerships in 18 European markets. The goal is to cover at least 70% of the network by 2024. Customers will also be able to access charging services through the Nissan Charge and Plugsurfing apps.

“With the launch of LEAF in 2010, Nissan democratized the benefits of electric mobility,” he said Jean-Philippe Roux, Deputy Vice President, Network Development & Customer Quality di Nissan AMIEO.

The Ariya crossover coupe and the Townstar van, equipped with advanced propulsion technologies and CCS fast charging, usher in the new era of Nissan electric vehicles capable of meeting the needs of private and business customers.

“Our charging infrastructure expansion plan, in collaboration with Allego and E.ON, is further proof of our continued commitment to the spread of electric mobility,” continued Jean-Philippe Roux.

“We are thrilled to partner with Nissan to enhance the EV charging network in Europe,” he said Mathieu Bonnet, CEO of Allego. “This partnership confirms our leadership in the European charging services market and is proof that electrification is one of the most important challenges for our planet: climate change.”

The brand aims to improve the future of mobility

The new corporate vision Nissan Ambition 2030 is aimed at improving the mobility of the future and for a cleaner, safer and more inclusive world. This includes the launch of 23 new electrified models by 20130. In particular, 15 new EVs are planned, aiming for a 50% electrification mix globally. In fiscal year 2028, Nissan will introduce solid state batteries (ASSBs), which will lead to cost parity between EV vehicles and gasoline in the future.

Nissan will also build the first EV36Zero intelligent integrated mobility ecosystem: production of new electric vehicles (EVs), microgrids for the rational management of 100% renewable energy between cars and the grid and a new Gigafactory for battery development. The new hub, which will be based at the Sunderland, UK plant, represents an initial investment of £ 1 billion.

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