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Nissan will contribute to the construction of a Japanese lunar rover

Independent wheel traction control technology already available on Nissan electric vehicles becomes key to building a lunar rover.

Nissan technology at the service of the new lunar rover of the Japanese Aerospace Agency

All’evento Nissan Futures, the brand has unveiled its lunar rover prototype developed in collaboration with JAXA (Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency). Infatti lo Space Exploration Innovation Hub Center JAXA researches lunar rovers. It is a key technology for space exploration, and since January 2020, the agency has been collaborating with Nissan on the control systems of the rovers.

Lunar rovers need to be able to navigate dusty, rocky and bumpy terrain and make the most of the few available energy resources. Nissan’s research applies the control technology of the LEAF engine and the Ariya e-4ORCE technology. All this guarantees independent wheel drive control, which increases the lunar rover’s performance on rough terrain.

Nissan has focused on developing technologies that can deliver maximum stability and safety during the driving. In fact, e-4ORCE offers the customer maximum control in all circumstances. In joint research work with JAXA, Nissan is further developing the e-4ORCE to improve its performance on the roughest terrain. Great skills are required to drive on sand without getting stuck. This is because the wheels often spin and sink into the ground. To meet this need, Nissan has developed power control systems. These minimize wheel slip based on the condition of the surface on which the vehicle is moving.

From the road to the moon: one small step for a vehicle, one big step for humanity

Through these research efforts, Nissan is contributing to the technological evolution of the automotive and space exploration industries by pooling its know-how and JAXA’s knowledge of rovers.

Ikkoh Funaki, Director of JAXA’s Space Exploration Innovation Hub Center, described the ongoing research: “JAXA intends to apply the results of this research to future space exploration activities. We are collaborating with several companies, universities and research institutes on projects that have commercialization potential. This is precisely why Nissan’s experience in electrified technologies can help us develop more performing lunar rovers. “

Sales of the Nissan Ariya e-4ORCE in Japanese Japan will begin in the summer of 2022.

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