Range Rover: the first episode of Leader by Example with Ettore Bocchia

Leader by Example, 5 leader italiani raccontano i valori affini alla nuova Range Rover thumbnail

The first installment of the Leader by Example web miniseries is online, celebrating the launch of the New Range Rover with a real journey into Leadership. The protagonist of the first episode is Ettore Bocchia, a revolutionary starred chef.

Range Rover tells Ettore Bocchia: the pioneer of molecular cuisine

The first episode of Leader by Example, a narrative journey in 5 episodes, during which Range Rover will lead us to meet Ettore Bocchia, Alberto Galassi, Camilla Lunelli, Stefano Seletti and Michele Pontecorvo. All examples of authentic leadership, which – as with Range Rover – does not arise only from quality and exclusivity, but also from the values ​​it expresses.

Ettore Bocchia, protagonist of the first episode, is the most revolutionary starred chef of his generation. An artist capable of processing and perfecting emotions to create new ones – but also an extraordinary professional, at the forefront of research and innovation. The chef has brought revolutionary methods and tools to the kitchen, enough to be defined “a scientist lent to the culinary art”.

Excellence and quality as fixed starting points. Emotion as a point of arrival. In between, a tireless curiosity, which creates knowledge and transforms it into taste. The pioneer of Italian molecular cuisine is Range Rover’s Leader by Emotion for its ability to start from excellent materials, and draw new flavors and sensations from them.