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No Man’s Sky: Fractal update and optimizations for PSVR2

The “no man’s sky” goes beyond the borders of the screen: No Man’s Sky opens up to the opportunities guaranteed by the features of PSVR2

L’fractal update (“Fractal”, in the case) for No Man’s Sky is now available, and among the improvements made to the game stands out one designed for PSVR2. Well yes: the development team Hello Games spoke of positive changes across the virtual reality spectrum, but the sphere of PlayStation VR 2 shines brightest. Players can therefore expect better control over force fields, thus generating more intuitive options for reflecting enemy attacks, but the so-called “quality of life” changes also extend to aiming, scanning the weak points from the viewer and much more.

No Man’s Sky Fractal Update: What’s New on PSVR2

Naturally, since it was PSVR2, the haptic feedback features could not be missing to take advantage of the PS5 DualSense, but No Man’s Sky also pushes on the hardware itself. Resolution first: the 4K officially enters the game, and with it also other improvements for the Sony-branded headset. The draw distance is increased, as well as the flora visible on the screen and the reflections. In addition to 3D audio, however, there is also an all-new ship, the Utopia Speeder. The cosmic aircraft will guarantee greater speed on planetary surfaces, provided of course that the relative missions are exceeded.

Even the new one viewer for your suit will give an unexpected “Star Wars touch” to the look of the avatar. And a pet drone is also included with it, along with other rewards exclusive to the new campaign. That said, let’s move on to migliorie quality-of-life in question. We have more accessibility options to customize the visual effects, camera and controllers. The news, virtual reality permitting, arrives on all platforms: PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S. The founder of Hello Games Sean Murray he called this a real “generation leap” for the game.

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