No Man’s Sky: the latest update is available, here are the details

The content offer of No Man’s Sky returns to enrich itself thanks to the numerous innovations introduced with the latest update of the game

After being leaked less than a month ago, theupdate Borders for the thunder sandbox No Man’s Sky is now available on all platforms. The update basically introduces settlements randomly generated planetariums with aliens that players can discover and help, helping them thrive in the process and thus accessing the charge of Superintendent. Let’s see all the details about it in the next lines of this article.

No Man’s Sky: Settlements and Overseers are the protagonists of the new update

The aforementioned superintendents (protagonists of the last great update from No Man’s Sky already available on all platforms) will be able to decide what to build, organize festivals and even help resolve disputes between NPCs. Depending on the buildings built, you can increase the productivity of a settlement or make your citizens feel more comfortable. Frontiers also introduces the nebulae, resulting in even more variety for the skybox and a revision to the basic build menu. The latter now shows all parts in a grid, providing quick access to everything available. They have also been added beyond 250 new core components. Players will now also have access to additional save slots, from five to 15, and thanks to a new streaming system, larger saves are now properly supported.

Patch Notes 3.6

  • Procedurally generated planetary settlements can now be found on inhabited planets throughout the universe.
  • Settlements are found naturally via a new mission that becomes accessible after a small amount of post-tutorial progress.
  • Settlements can also be found with maps purchased from Cartographer of the Space Station.
  • The missions of the Mission Board which involve locating NPCs can also lead players to settlements.
  • Players can send their credentials to the monument in the heart of the settlement. If accepted by the citizens, they will become Superintendent of the settlement and can choose their name.
  • Each settlement and its layout are unique. Each building is procedurally generated, using only the parts available to construct the player’s base.
  • It settlement status can be seen and managed from the central monument. Once players have built their Overseer’s office, they can also manage the settlement from the terminal in their office.
  • Settlements have five key stats: productivity, population, happiness, maintenance costs e alert level Sentinel.

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