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No Man’s Sky will be a PS VR2 launch title!

The arrival of PS VR2 is just a few months away and new information about the launch is starting to arrive, such as the arrival of No Man’s Sky

The new VR console is expected for next year (precisely February 22, 2023) and only a few days ago Sony made the prices of the various bundles official. Since then the focus has shifted on available games since launch; for now it was confirmed that Horizon Call of the Mountain it would have been the flagship title for the new PS VR2 line, but confirmation has arrived that another major title will also be playable from the debut of the new virtual reality console.

No Man’s Sky will be the new launch title for PS VR2

Hello Gamesthe development house of the title, announced during an interview that an update of No Man’s Sky for the new Sony VR it had been in the pipeline since June. It would therefore be a new adventure in which the technical specifications of the PlayStation 5, the new PS VR2 and the DualSense controller will be exploited, thus “emphasizing and improving the sense of immersion and credibility”. Another clue on the release of No Man’s Sky at the launch of the PS VR2 is given by the trailer released by Hello Games which directs towards a publication for the month of February.

No Man's Sky will be a PS VR2 launch title!

The particularities of the new PS VR2 version have not yet been confirmed which, most likely, will be released as the release of the new Sony PlayStation console approaches.

Thus, it is outlined the launch line for the PS VR2, which will therefore also see No Man’s Sky in the front row. Let us know in the comments if you will buy the new console dedicated to virtual reality. Stay tuned to TechGameWorld.com for all the news from the gaming world and beyond. To buy video games at a discounted price, instead, go to Instant Gaming.

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