No More Heroes 3: the new exaggerated gameplay trailer is available!

No More Heroes 3 returns to show itself in all its unique style in the new gameplay trailer that we show you in this article

No More Heroes 3 promises to be the most singular release of the series to date (which is a detail that says a lot to tell the truth) you can judge it for yourself by giving even just a very brief look at the trailer from gameplay that we propose in the player below in this article. Travis Touchdown will face superheroes aliens super powerful in the game, and the aforementioned trailer provides a brief introduction to each of them and some of their defining traits and powers. Let’s see all the details about it in the next lines of this article.

No More Heroes 3: The gameplay trailer focuses on the fearsome antagonists

The evil prince FU He will act as the main antagonist, but to get to him, Travis will have to fight his way through his nine super-powered alien assassins and climb the ranks of galactic superheroes. These include the space ore trader Gold Joe, the alien abductor Black Night Direction, the thief of memories Vanishing Point, la Velvet Chair Girl, the princess of the dark world Midori Midorikawa and others. In the new trailer from gameplay some fragments of No More Heroes 3, which allow you to get a sneak peek of the fighting and many other activities. Take a look below.

No More Heroes 3 will be launched exclusively for Nintendo Switch the August 27. In the past we had the opportunity to review the first chapter of this very peculiar video game saga by assigning the title the vote of 8,5 and highlighting the bold vision and uncompromising as well as perfectly orchestrated gameplay and storytelling (more on that here). We did not like less (indeed) the second chapter always on Switch defining it, in this review, always stylish and even more functional.

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