No more notches in the iPhone 14 line

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The leaks and rumors regarding the Apple’s iPhone 14 line. Recently, however, the focus has shifted to models iPhone 14 Pro e iPhone 14 Pro Max: according to the latest rumors these two models they will not have the famous notch. Let’s analyze all the details and discover together the information we have available on Apple’s new smartphone line.

iPhone 14 Pro e iPhone 14 Pro Max senza notch?

While the design of theiPhone 12 it is completely moved away from Apple’s previous designs, showing the public a new identity, the recently released iPhone 13 looks like almost identical to its predecessor. The only real difference with the previous model – and you have to look closely to notice it – is the slightly smaller notch.

Now, however, users are projected towards the future, on the line iPhone 14. Many believe that Apple finally will abandon the notch in favor of the hole design, a common feature on many high-end Android smartphones. He gives us the latest leaks The Elec, a company based in South Korea.

A few weeks ago, the South Korean company revealed that Apple is still undecided on the type of display to use. The Cupertino company is reportedly undecided between the display LTPS a 60Hz and the panel LTPO a 120Hz.

If the company chooses the 120 Hz LTPO display, it will have to purchase panels from Samsung, which has a near monopoly on OLED LTPO technology. The South Korean giant already provides panels for iPhone 13 Pro models e 13 Pro Max. This means that establishing a new supply from this point of view shouldn’t be a problem.

However, it is clear that Apple is looking to diversify its supply chain as well reduce its addiction to Samsung. For this reason the Cupertino company is trying to broaden its horizons and also looks at producers like LG and BOE. Following this theory, the iPhone 14 Max could then mount a panel LTPS a 60Hz but it is still all uncertain.

The reason is soon to be said: LG is unable to produce OLED displays with LTPO technology and should work on this aspect of production only over the next year. Similarly BOE has already confirmed that such technology will not be available at least until 2023. So Apple can’t wait that long.

As for this week’s news, The Elec has revealed that Apple has plans to abandon the notch only on two models: the iPhone 14 Pro and the iPhone 14 Pro Max, which are the more expensive variants. Instead he plans to use the display a foro, Also known as punch-hole.

This means that the regular e cheaper iPhone 14, together with the model iPhone 14 Max, will be the only ones to keep the notch, a distinctive element that made its debut in 2017 with the iPhone X – the first Apple laptop to feature an edge-to-edge display. However, if everything goes the right way, these two models will abandon the notch in the 2023.

Apple analyst confirms

We are tempted to trust these claims from The Elec as they coincide with reports from the trusted Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo. In fact, this year it has repeatedly stated that Apple would incorporate this design into more expensive models of the iPhone 14 line.

The planned design change also suggests a important element. It is likely that Apple has managed to find a way to keep thereliability of its Face ID function, thus managing to hide below the display the artificial intelligence that powers it.

“The key to the technology offering an immersive full-screen experience is that the display area surrounding the hole retains resolution and color with the other areas of the display,” said The Elec.

However, it is also possible that the Cupertino company has decided to permanently abandon Face ID for the Touch ID. In the end, that’s what Google did when it switched from the Pixel 4 to the Pixel 5. But this option seems somewhat unlikely to us. It must be said, however, that Touch ID would be a welcome addition for many iPhone owners.

Particularly because because the masks we are forced to wear prevent Face ID from working properly. For this reason, users are forced to enter the unlock code for the screen.

Changes underway

However, Apple has shown its willingness offer significant changes to its users, One of them concerns the version iPhone Mini that the Cupertino company decided to delete, replacing it with the model iPhone 14 Max. According to what has been revealed, this model will offer a wider diagonal.

Apple has decided to cancel this model because the sales are unbelievable lower compared to what the company hoped to earn. It seems that fans of the brand are not so enthusiastic about having a smartphone with a small display. Furthermore, it seems that the Cupertino technology giant has decided to eliminate the Mini model also because of the indifferent consumer response about the iPhone 12 mini series.

As for the lineup economic iPhone next year, this will consist of two devices: iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Max, respectively from 6.1 in and yes 6.7 in.

At the moment the confirmed official information from society are in short supply. What we have available are only rumors and rumors. We know they will come four devices in 2022. L‘iPhone 14 and theiPhone 14 Max, flanked by the more expensive models: iPhone 14 Pro e iPhone 14 Pro Max, available with a larger display.

In terms of core configuration, the Apple iPhone 14 series will come with a new A16 Bionic processor. The chip is built with a 4nm manufacturing process. Except for the base version of the iPhone 14, which still uses a dual rear camera setup, the other three models all come with a triple rear camera configuration.

At the same time, the main camera of the two high-profile models will be updated. We expect a 48MP 1 / 1.3 inch sensor and, according to further reports, the new camera from 48MP could be used for a ultra-wide lens. Finally, there is the possibility that, for the first time, Apple decides to support the 8K video recording and internal storage variants up to 2TB.

We conclude by reminding you to take all this information with a grain of salt, waiting for an official confirmation from Apple. The new line-up of the Cupertino company will officially debut in 2022 therefore, surely, we will still see some good ones.

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