Ron – A Friend Out of Program available from December 15th to all Disney + subscribers

Ron – A Friend Out of Program lands on Disney + to give us a new, bizarre and unexpected story of friendship

After arriving in theaters on October 15, the film by 20th Century Studios and Locksmith Animation, Ron – A Friend Out of Program will be available for streaming on Disney + starting December 15, 2021, at no additional cost.

The film is directed by Sarah Smith and Jean-Philippe Vine and co-directed by Octavio E. Rodriguez. The screenplay is written by Peter Baynham & Smith. Julie Lockhart and Lara Breay are the producers, while Locksmith president Elisabeth Murdoch, Smith and Baynham are executive producers.

The plot

Ron – He’s an unscheduled friend the story of Barney, a shy and awkward middle school student, and his new device, Ron, ready to become for him much more than a simple B * bot, a robot owned by all his friends, comparable and a smartphone if not for its shape and size.

The B * bot works as a means of transport, as an extension for video games, as a laptop, as a chat partner and above all as a social connector: it is he who chooses the right friends for you, on the basis of tastes, profiles, affinities (which actually even modern dating apps do).

Ron - A Friend Out of Program available from December 15th to all Disney + subscribers

Barney gets his B * bot Ron in a slightly dented gift box, only that Ron doesn’t do anything a B * bot should do and his behavior is a continuous, embarrassing “unscheduled”.

In the age of social media, Ron’s hilarious malfunctions launch the two on an action-packed journey where the boy and the robot will deal with the wonderful confusion of true friendship.

A new perspective

The funny and, in some ways, rebellious Ron is just the push everyone needed to think outside the box and look at everything from a different perspective, and therefore also new. Ron’s factory defect is what makes him unique and special. Behind the display of the latest fashion B * bots, beyond the limits of security settings, is Ron the ideal friend: his imperfection, his disobedience, his ability to learn from experience, make him similar to a person, he is therefore a kind of “modern Pinocchio”.

Ron – An unscheduled friend works because it has a classic core and responds in a modern way to the need to roll around in the grass without giving up good technological innovations.

If you too are ready for this fantastic, new, friendship story, you just have to wait for the December 15 and connect to Disney +.

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