No Rest for the Wicked: nuova patch per ombre, torce e Cerim Crucible

The scoundrels never rest, and neither do the developers: here are the contents of the latest patch (graphic and otherwise) of No Rest for the Wicked

The improvements made to No Rest for the Wicked they proceed at full speed, and after the launch in early access are Steam we have an intriguing sixth patch. After complaints about the game's poor lighting, the development team Moon Studios (Ori and the Blind Forest) increased visibility in darker areas by integrating the characters more into the scenarios. The gems are similarly easier to find, also thanks to the newborn torch obtainable from Wittacker. The prologue ship has been rebalanced, removing Risen enemies in favor of a more lenient challenge rate. Then if you are suffering the pain of hell a Cerim Cruciblethe deadliest room in the game has significantly nerfed the enemies it contains, in favor of weaker opponents.

Le note della patch di No Rest for the Wicked

In addition to the balancing of the Plague Ring and Snake Ring, No Rest for the Wicked offers many changes listed in patch notes below. The game is currently available on PC, with console versions in development for PS5 and Xbox Series


  • Improved shadow rendering to improve visibility in darker areas, in response to “game is too dark” feedback received.
  • Improved lighting to better integrate characters into environments!


  • Reduced unnecessary memory allocations for rendering, fog and other aspects of the game.
  • Improved shadow rendering on all visual effects.


  • Changed the Potion Dealer quest reward from Medium XP Potion to Small XP Potion.


  • Increased gem drop rate.

Additional content:

  • Added new Torch tool to purchase from Whittacker and craft at the Workbench.

Game balance:

  • The Risen enemies on the prologue ship have been replaced so that they are not affected by the other changes.
  • The health of Risen enemies on the prologue ship has been reduced by 40%.
  • Enemies in Cerim Crucible's toughest room have been weakened, and enemies in other rooms have been buffed.
  • Cerim Crucible's mobile platforms are now faster, reducing waiting times but increasing difficulty.
  • Plague Ring rebalanced: health gained increased by 1-3%, focus decrement reduced by 7-10%.
  • Snake Ring rebalanced: damage to the player decreased by 5%, damage dealt to the player and the enemy is now physical instead of Plague-type.

Enemies and bosses:

  • Improved Risen Bruiser animations.


  • Improved collisions and graphics in Mariner's Keep.
  • Improved collisions and graphics in Nameless Pass.
  • Improved graphics in Sacrament.
  • Improved collisions and graphics in Cerim Crucible.


  • Improved the timing of Falstead Darak's introductory audio.


  • Text translated into multiple languages ​​updated in multiple areas.
  • Added localization support for hints, new exit menu and deposit interface.

Bugs fixed:

  • Fixed crash in main menu.
  • Fixed transparency in artifact rendering.
  • Fixed Plagued Mutant Soldier invisibility.
  • The fog effect now stops when closing the game.
  • The refinery now no longer has error spam.
  • The Fierce Ring now deals the expected extra damage.
  • Interior backgrounds are now black.
  • Bows purchased from Whittacker now have full strength.
  • The Black Trench point now no longer allows you to go out of bounds.
  • You can no longer get stuck inside the prologue ship.
  • Echo Knight's arena now no longer restarts battle.
  • Fixed flickering at (and around) the Black Trench bonfire.
  • Fixed a chest appearing in another chest in Orban Glades.
  • Improved the interface to space the coins correctly.

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