Nvidia e MediaTek insieme per l'infotainment in auto basato su intelligenza artificiale thumbnail

Nvidia and MediaTek unite to create the car software of the future

Another step of the automotive industry towards the future, Nvidia e MediaTek together for l’infotainment in auto based on IA.

The announcement comes right during the keynote of Nvidia al Computex, Jensen Huang and the CEO Of MediaTek Rick Tsai talk about the collaboration aimed at developing innovative solutions for infotainment and high-speed connections to be integrated in the car.

Nvidia and MediaTek team up for artificial intelligence-based in-car infotainment, source Nvidia websiteNvidia and MediaTek team up for artificial intelligence-based in-car infotainment, source Nvidia website

Nvidia and Mediatek, together challenge artificial intelligence

Precisely, MediaTek will develop specific SoCs dedicated to the automotive sector that will integrate all the graphics and Artificial Intelligence technologies developed by Nvidia.

This platform will handle all the power of the SoC it will be called Dimensity Autoand will take care of managing everything related to theinfotainmenthe understood interfaces user graphics, touchscreens, smart multiple displays, cameras high gamma dynamics and audio processing solutions.

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Also, the platform will take care of all-round car management. Auto Connect will also be integrated within the Dimension Auto platform, a feature that ensures drivers stay connected at all times, wirelessly at high speed.

The basis of the collaboration is the development of chiplets, chips all printed together on the same layer

Another fundamental part of the agreement between MediaTek e Nvidia is the use of chiplet technology. Per chiplet, simplifying, yes means the way the processors are manufactured. Where multiple processors are printed on the same silicon die, often with different functions. The great advantage of this solution, in addition to being able to enclose in a single specific chip container for each function, is that data travels much faster from one sector to another. A very important advantage when it comes to technologies, such as autonomous driving, which have to process an enormous amount of data every second.

In a note the MediaTek CEO Rick Tsai, writes: “Nvidia is a pioneer and leader in the fields of artificial intelligence and all-round computing. With this collaboration we aim to create a new benchmark for the automotive industry, one that guides the creation of the next generation of smart and always connected vehicles. Our special collaboration with Nvidia will give us the possibility to offer a unique platform for the vehicle of the future, defined by software and characterized by high computing capacity”.

While, Jensen Huang, CEO at Nvidia, says: “Artificial intelligence and accelerated computing are helping to transform the entire automotive industry. The combination of MediaTek SoCs and our technologies related to graphics and Artificial Intelligence will take on-board safety to the next level, as well as provide new user experiences and new services via the Internet for all vehicle segments.

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