Philips SHAVER Series 5000: excellent shaving razor at the right price

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Are you looking for a new razor but don’t want to spend too much? Philips SHAVER Series 5000 could be right for you, we explain why

Electric razors are tools widely used by men for daily shaving. Compared with traditional manual razors, these tools they are more comfortable to use and allow you to obtain a much more precise and uniform shave and above all fewer wounds. Another advantage of electric razors is ease of cleaning and maintenance. Generally, these tools are equipped with an automatic cleaning system that allows you to easily remove hair residues and always keep the blades sharp and functional. Also, electric razors can be used in conjunction with accessories such as the adjustable combs and interchangeable heads, which allow you to obtain different types of beard cutting or styling.

By now it is therefore a very common and sometimes even expensive accessory. That’s why we want to tell you a little about Philips SHAVER Series 5000, a great electric razor with a more than affordable price that has received excellent reviews on eWeki.

Philips SHAVER Series 5000: made of plastic

Somewhere you have to give up to save money. The body of this shaving razor is mostly made of plastic Obviously. However it is a plastic with good tactile feedback: soft and not too smooth, it allows you to have a good grip when using the razor. It is also very light due to its construction.

Even the head of the Philips SHAVER Series 5000 has many plastic components – apart from the blades of course. This makes cleaning is a little more complicated because the fluff residues tend to stick due to the higher friction compared to other materials such as metal.

Philips SHAVER Series 5000: excellent shaving razor at the right price

Philips SHAVER Series 5000: come taglia?

The quality of the blades in the rotary heads is good and you can fix a beard in a few passes also grown for 2-3 days. More and more strokes are needed to completely clean and smooth the skin and if instead you have a slightly thicker beard it will take a little more patience. However, the three heads adapt quite easily to the curves of the face. Philips SHAVER Series 5000 works on both dry and damp skin, although in our experience, dry cutting is more effective because the hairs tend to get stuck in the heads less. There is also an accessory to adjust the sideburns.

The charging takes about an hour, but you can use it after a few minutes for an emergency shave. Autonomy lasts about an hour, but it depends a lot on the effort to which it is subjected.

Philips SHAVER Series 5000: excellent shaving razor at the right price


We have told you about this razor with a good product, not without defects, but all in all good. But why is it so interesting? Simple: you can buy it on eWeki for less than 70 euros. The site enjoys good feedback on and allows you to access many products on offer. That’s all from the electronics section, keep following us!

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