NVIDIA Ominiverse per sviluppatori: creare giochi in un ambiente collaborativo

NVIDIA Ominiverse for Developers: Building games in a collaborative environment

NVIDIA Omniverse provides developers with a cooperative, real-time design platform to create games and virtual worlds

To enrich its developer ecosystem, at the Game Development Conference, NVIDIA announced the arrival of new NVIDIA Omniverse features designed to make it easier for game developers to share resources, sort libraries, collaborate and implement AI in the processes for animating characters’ facial expressions.

Thanks to NVIDIA Omniverse, game developers will be able to exploit Artificial Intelligence technologies and easily create custom processes to simplify, accelerate and improve development workflowso. New features for game developers include upgrades to Omniverse Audio2Face, Omniverse Nucleus Cloud and Omniverse DeepSearch, as well as the introduction of Unreal Engine 5 Omniverse Connector. Frank DeLise, vice president of Omniverse at NVIDIA, explained:

Omniverse provides powerful development tools for anyone who wants to do business in this industry nowadays. The ability of this system to unify artists, tools and applications on a single platform can set an example for developer organizations around the world.

A powerful and more collaborative game creation environment

Game development processes are becoming more and more complex as developers and designers work to exceed player expectations, creating ever more huge and engaging worlds. To do this, the work is managed by global teams of artists working with huge libraries of 3D content, entering laborious and time-consuming processes made even more complex by the integration of aspects such as realistic scene lighting and other technologies based on artificial intelligence.

Omniverse helps developers address these challenges, ensuring realistic images and accurate games in detail by linking libraries, resources and software tools into one powerful platform. This predominant collaborative aspect of NVIDIA Omniverse helps dramatically reduce the interaction time between parties on design decisions, accelerating project completion.

The universe is an open multi-GPU platform for 3D design collaboration and real-time simulation. Works on any NVIDIA RTX device, from a laptop to a server, streamlining complex 3D production workflows. Omniverse is based on Pixar’s Universal Scene Description (USD), an open source 3D platform, easily extensible and designed for the creation of content and the exchange between the main game development tools more popular. NVIDIA expanded the USD by developing new tools, integrating technologies, and providing examples and tutorials.

Developers, designers and artists can pool their resourceslibraries, software applications and game engines within Omniverse, freely repeat design processes in real time, create tools to improve productivity, and instantly share stunning models in high definition.

NVIDIA Ominiverse for Developers: Building games in a collaborative environment

NVIDIA Omniverse for game developers

The Omniverse platform is designed to ensure maximum flexibility and scalability. Developers can easily create their own tools using the modular building blocks of the platform. Game developers can use ready-made Omniverse apps, with many more created by third parties.

Components on the NVIDIA Omniverse platform for game developers include:

  • Omniverse Audio2Face, an NVIDIA AI-based technology that allows character developers to generate high-quality facial animations from a simple audio file. Audio2Face now supports full facial animation and performers will also have the ability to control the emotion of the performance. With Audio2Face game developers can quickly and easily add realistic expressions to their game characters, which can facilitate a stronger emotional connection between the player and the game characters, broadening the immersion.
  • Omniverse Nucleus Cloud, now available with early access, enables simple one-click sharing of entire Omniverse scenes, eliminating the need to deploy Nucleus locally or in a private cloud. With Nucleus Cloud, developers can easily share and collaborate in real time on 3D assets between internal and external development teams.
  • Omniverse DeepSearchan AI-enabled service now available to Omniverse Enterprise subscribers, which allows game developers to use natural language inputs and images to instantly search the entire catalog of untagged 3D assets, objects and characters.
  • Omniverse connectors are plug-ins that enable collaborative “real-time synchronization” workflows between third-party design tools and Omniverse. The new Unreal Engine 5 Omniverse Connector allows game artists to exchange USD and material definition language data between the game engine and Omniverse.

NVIDIA Ominiverse for Developers: Building games in a collaborative environment

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