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Apple Car will “drive” with Siri and iPhone

A new patent filed by Apple suggests that the phantom Apple Car which the Apple is working on we will be able to command it using Siri or inputs on iPhone. Just say “Hey Siri, park there” for the automated car to take us to our destination.

Apple Car can be controlled with Siri and iPhone

Apple recently took over Desi Uikashevic, a former Ford executive, to join the team developing his self-driving car. The ‘Project Titan’ is less and less secret: Apple wants to produce an electric vehicle that drives itself. A project that the Apple hopes to conclude by 2025 but which will probably have to postpone until at least 2028.

However, Apple is working hard to produce the technology needed for the project. As demonstrated by the patent discovered by Patently Apple, which provides for the possibility of the autonomous vehicle to “recognize the surrounding environment and navigate to its destination with little or no input from the occupants”. But their input, when needed, they can give. Just use your own voice.

In fact, in the patent there are several ways to give the right signals to the car. Especially once you reach your destination, to understand how move after following the navigator’s route.

As reported in the documentation filed by Apple, just use the screen on your iPhone or iPad to indicate a place to stop, a route to follow, a parking space or even a direction using a virtual controller. But you can also ask for it simply to Siri.

The voice assistant might allow you to simply say “Park there” . It seems this isn’t even the first patent filed on it, so Apple strongly believes in this possibility.

As always when it comes to patents, we must take into account that companies like Apple are constantly filing new ones and not all of them come to fruition. The Apple Car is still a long way off and a lot can change before its launch date. But it appears that Apple remains true to its ecosystem concept even when it takes to the streets. We will keep you informed for further news.

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