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NVIDIA SHIELD TV: Lots of news coming from RakutenTV

RakutenTV brings tons of top-notch movies and TV series to NVIDIA SHIELD TV

La Nvidia SHIELD Android TV (here for more info on the product) is an Android TV set-top box aimed at both home entertainment, both for gaming in the living room. Developed by Nvidia and released at the end of May 2015, the console is the third generation of Nvidia “SHIELD” gaming hardware. Like all products in the series, it uses the Android operating system and a Tegra SoC (System on Chip). It is also the first Nvidia device to use the Android TV platform. It is capable of supporting 4K resolution on a TV, along with 192kHz high-definition audio.

Through the Cloud, it can support streaming thanks to the Nvidia GeForce NOW. In January 2017, a new version of the Nvidia Shield was released with some minor hardware changes. The new model is much smaller and lighter, and both the microUSB port and microSD slot have been removed. Today, an app upgrade for SHIELD TV was announced, which will include tons of movies and TV series from RakutenTV.

NVIDIA SHIELD TV: Lots of news coming from RakutenTV

Details on what’s new in RakutenTV for NVIDIA SHIELD TV

NVIDIA today announces a brand new app release for SHIELD TV that now includes RakutenTV. One of the leading video on demand platforms in Europe, it offers a truly immersive cinematic experience through the availability of the latest titles and the most advanced technology. It offers a universe of free content in a single container: from high quality movies and TV series to TV channels, you will be able to enjoy the world of entertainment you are looking for.


Available now on the Google Play Store (click here to access the store), NVIDIA SHIELD TV is considered by many users to be the best streaming box in its category! SHIELD TV and SHIELD TV Pro deliver unparalleled levels of 4K home entertainment, great titles through GeForce NOW and IA, as well as smart home capabilities right in your living room. The Tegra X1+ processor helps bring Dolby Vision to life for vivid visuals and Dolby Atmos for stunning sound. Its computing power dramatically improves image quality by using artificial intelligence to scale HD video streams to 4K resolution.

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