Twitter Coin: a leak anticipates the debut of the token

Elon Musk, tra pubblicità ad alto rischio e licenziamenti su Twitter. Il risultato di un uomo solo al comando thumbnail

Among Elon Musk’s many projects for the future of “his” social network, Twitter, there would also be the launch of a cryptocurrency, called Twitter Coin. IThe project was anticipated online by an alleged logo but, at the moment, has not yet found official confirmation. Here are the details:

Elon Musk Ready to Launch Twitter Coin?

The Twitter Coin logo was unveiled by the leaker Jane Manchun Wong which, in the hours following the leak, has before made the post private and then deleted all his social accounts. At the moment, therefore, there is no more precise information regarding the project for the new Twitter token. Certainly, the deletion of accounts by the leaker seems very unusual, especially considering her recent leak.

In any case, thePay attention to Twitter payments it is now a certain aspect for the future of the social network. Elon Musk himself anticipated the desire to introduce payments on Twitter with the aim of increasingly making the social network a “super app” on the model of similar Chinese services. We will know more, of course, over the next few months.

The launch of Twitter Coin could also affect the future of other tokens. Many investors, right now, are at the window and waiting for news on the matter.