Nyobolt’s Shock: Here Comes Super Batteries

Nyobolt ci dà la scossa: arrivano le batterie che si ricaricano in pochi minuti thumbnail

Reload theelectric car as from gas station: soon it will be possible, thanks to He groped come the battery which recharge in minutes.

Nyobolt gives us the shock: the batteries arrive that recharge in a few minutes, source Nyobolt

The Nyobolt battery solution in collaboration with Callum

The British company He gropedfounded in 2019 and Dame Clare Grey e Sai Shivareddy. He takes care of development technological from the battery.

Most importantly, he is finishing and has found the solution to end recharging anxiety. Precisely, he may have found the solution to reduce the charging times of electric cars to a few minutes.


Together with the partnership with theagency Of design e engineering Callus. He groped is bringing its patented technology of fast charging in the world of electric vehicles.

How Nyobolt batteries work

He groped through numerous studies unlocking the potential of battery performance. It has come to create a manufacturable and scalable technology. Above all, able to make the convenient charging like refueling a petrol or diesel car.

Il team Of He groped has taken a multi-layered approach to developing high-power, fast-charging battery solutions to achieve this.

So, the team has pioneered materials, cell designs, efficient control software and power electronics.

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The result?

Joining forces with automotive design and engineering Callus and its engineering facilities in the Warwickshire. Thus, the two companies collaborate on projects incorporating this patented battery technology.

Il first automotive prototypewhich demonstrates how this technology can be used in ordinary electric vehicles, is coming by the end of This month (June ed.).

This was designed by the car designer Julian Thomson (now design director of General Motors Advanced Design Europe), developed and manufactured by Callus.

Nyobolt gives us the shock: the batteries arrive that recharge in a few minutes, source NyoboltNyobolt gives us the shock: the batteries arrive that recharge in a few minutes, source Nyobolt

The words of Sai Shivareddy of Nyobolt

About that, Sai Shivareddy declares: “A He groped we’re unlocking the potential of battery technology to power innovations that can’t wait.

The rapid shift to battery electric vehicles around the world is a prime example of an industry that needs our patented battery to cut charging times from hours to minutes. Partnering with Callum and leveraging his experience and expertise in automotive design and engineering will support our strategic goal of securing adoption in this industry.”

The words of David Fairbairn of Callum

David Fairbairn, managing director Of Calluscomments: “We continue to see charging, access to battery materials and battery degradation as pain points in the transition to electric vehicles. Nyobolt’s pioneering battery technology offers the automotive industry a solution to these enormous challenges. In the coming months we will illustrate the interesting advantages that this new technology offers to the sector and to motorists”.

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