The XEV YoYo 2023 arrives in Italy

XEV YoYo 2023 sbarca in Italia, tutte le novità della city car meno cara sul mercato thumbnail

The XV YoYo 2023 lands in Italy, all the news of the cheapest city car on the market. Designed in Italy and produced in China, its design catches the eye and is among the ideal vehicles for getting around the city without having to worry about parking.

Above all, in the panorama of micromobility XEV YoYo 2023 aims to conquer not only the market, but the ‘GenZ’ audience.

XEV YoYo 2023 lands in Italy, all the news of the cheapest city car on the market, site source

How the XEV YoYo 2023 is made

On the identity card of the XEV YoYo 2023 we find the measures. 2,53 meters of length e 1,50 m in length and the trunk is 180 liters, not bad considering the type of vehicle.

Surely from a distance it reminds us a bit, in terms of design, of the first smart, but we assure you that it is something else entirely.

I LED headlights characterize the front of the car. The doors are also in contrasting colour. The shell is made from plastic materials that will be 3D printed in the future.

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Driver and passenger are comfortable on board, the angle of the doors facilitates entry and the cabin has the right proportions.

The internals and connectivity of VEX YoYo 2023

The seats of XEV YoYo 2023 are in fabric. While, the plank eh panels from the doorman I am in plastic hard and lacquered. The assemblies are well made. The doors and the central armrest hide relatively large spaces, there is no classic glove box. Air conditioning and panoramic roof complete the equipment

In the center of the dashboard is the display 7″, to which the smartphone can be connected via Bluetooth. The software is simple and immediate, only some functions cannot be managed via touch.

There is no app for management and control of the car, but the manufacturer assures that it will arrive within the year.

XEV YoYo 2023 lands in Italy, all the news of the cheapest city car on the market, site sourceXEV YoYo 2023 lands in Italy, all the news of the cheapest city car on the market, site source

Battery, autonomy and recharge of the XEV YoYo 2023

The package battery is lithium iron phosphate and 10,3 kWh housed in the rear of the city car. The accumulators are divided into three removable and replaceable modules thanks to the technology of “Battery Swap”.

Basically, there is availability by going to one of the Eni stations participating in the service in Italyin a few minutes you can replace the entire package with a new and charged one to avoid wasting time with recharging.

The declared power is of 7,5 kWbut you reach the 11 kW if you choose Sport mode, while theautonomy declared maximum is 150 km. Given the numbers and dimensions (and the maximum speed of 90 km/h), the ideal environment for the XEV is the city.

The filler neck is at the front and opens via a lever from the cockpit. Only the Mennekes connector can be used, with the on-board charger reaching a maximum of 2.3 kW in alternating current. Basically, they charge about 29km every hour.

Price list of the XEV YoYo 2023

Basically the XEV has a prezzo Of 15.900 euro, enrollment fees are not included. It can also be purchased with financing FCA Bank which provides for an advance of 6.450 euro and 24 installments of 36 euros each plus a maxi-final installment of 6.450 euro.

The paint is the only option, you can spend up to 900 euro more than the basic price.

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