Oclean Flow: the electric toothbrush arrives on Youpinchoose

In this article we will get to know Oclean Flow, the toothbrush that will make you forget about charging. Let’s find out together

Oclean since its inception, it has set itself the goal of creating products suitable for oral hygiene and respecting fairly important quality standards. We learned to like their own products thanks to the electric toothbrush review Oclean X Pro Elite. For more details on the test I invite you to read our review by clicking here. Today instead we will go to take a closer look at theOclean Flow, the toothbrush with an almost infinite battery.

Battery and not only in this Oclean Flow

The strong point of this electric toothbrush is, as you may have already understood from the title and from the previous paragraph, battery. The latter in fact has one capacity of 2500 mAh, which makes him practically tireless. In fact, with a single charge it will be able to guarantee about 180 days of operation before you need to recharge it. In addition to a really high durability, the strong point is also one porta USB type-C which allows for fast reloading compared to other rivals.

Oclean Flow: the electric toothbrush arrives on Youpinchoose

In fact, in less than 5 hours your toothbrush will be operational again. You will therefore not have to worry about having to skip a meal so as not to dirty your teeth which will remain clean thanks to the 5 brushing modes. These make it suitable for all types of users and their smile. Even those suffering from sensitive gums can use this concentrate of technology. Thanks to a more delicate way, brushing will be guaranteed without the risk of irritating them and making them bleed.

Last strong point, but certainly not least, is the design of the same. This in fact makes it very ergonomic, ensuring a stable grip and that does not tire the user during use. But how much will such a product cost? Currently the toothbrush is in presale at the recommended price of $ 29.99 on Youpinchoose. Being a presale orders they will not be shipped before August 23rd.

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