Oculus and Apple Health apps, now you can synchronize data

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Virtual reality can make you sweat – whether you dodge shots in a game or train with FitXR, it’s a full-fledged workout. And keeping track of it is important. For this comes the link between the app Oculus e Apple Healthto take advantage of all the health data collected by the fitness tracker integrated into Meta Quest.

Oculus app, now you can sync it with Apple Health

IOS users can sync metaverse training stats directly with the Apple Health app. In this way the Meta Quest fitness tracker joins those of iPhone and Apple Watch to analyze your fitness.

To synchronize the app you will first need to configure the Move app, which you can find in the applications panel of the own Meta Quest or Meta Quest 2 viewer. This way you can track your workouts in VR. From the Move in VR app, go to Settings in the corner, here choose “Connect Move to the Oculus mobile app ”.

Now to connect the Oculus app to Apple Health you need to go to Oculus and:

  • Touch the tab “Connected apps” up
  • Tap the lever next to “Apple Health”To activate synchronization. Grant permissions for both “Active energy” that for “Workouts “

Now you can see the calories burned in VR on the Health app, discovering how much you train in the metaverse. You can disconnect apps at any time by going to Settings, Health and then unchecking Oculus under Access to data and devices.

If you have a Apple Watchyou can also find the statistics in the entry Fitness Gaming. In this way the time you spend with the viewer will be added to that in the gym or while running, cycling, swimming. A VR sport to add to that of every day.

More information on the official website.

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