Olympus: Imaging division officially sold

Olympus: Imaging division officially sold

After a few months, the historic moment has finally arrived: Olympus will no longer be a manufacturer of cameras and mirrorless cameras. The ball will go to JIP who will take care of the reorganization of the production of cameras

The announcement came a bit like lightning and a clear blue sky last summer: Olympus would sell its Imaging division. The company chooses to stop making cameras, a declining and increasingly niche market to focus on other more profitable areas such as the production of medical optical equipment. With an official note a few days ago, the official announcement of the passage arrived.

Olympus: Imaging division officially sold

Olympus: the official note announces the sale

Olympus Corporation (“Olympus”) concluded the transfer of its imaging business to Japan Industrial Partners Inc. (“JIP”) on January 1, 2021. The final transfer was based on the definitive agreement signed by both parties on September 30. 2020, which included the details of the deal. With the completion of the transfer, OM Digital Solutions Corporation takes over the imaging business from Olympus.

The heads of sales and marketing and R&D for the imaging products will be relocated to the OM Digital Solutions Corporation headquarters. Production will continue at the factory in Dong Nai Province, Vietnam, where imaging products have been manufactured since 2008. OM Digital Solutions Corporation will continue to provide customer support for imaging products that have been manufactured and sold by Olympus.

“OM Digital Solutions Corporation will develop and introduce unique products to create new value by continuing to provide high quality and highly reliable products, including the Zuiko and OM brands, which are based on the optical and digital imaging technologies that Olympus has cultivated over many years. as well as the IC recorder that combines advanced digital voice and audio recording technology with comfortable operation, ”said Shigemi Sugimoto, Representative Director and President of OM Digital Solutions Corporation and former head of Olympus’ Imaging Division.

“The imaging industry has been at the heart of Olympus since the launch of our first camera, the Semi-Olympus I in 1936, so I am delighted that it will continue to develop and thrive under OM Digital Solutions Corporation,” added Yasuo Takeuchi, President and CEO of Olympus Corporation. “Following the transfer of the imaging business, Olympus will focus on medical and scientific solutions, in our ongoing efforts to become a global medical technology company offering products and services to make people’s lives healthier, safer and more fulfilling. “.

About OM Digital Solutions Corporation:

  • Company name: OM Digital Solutions Corporation
  • Headquarters location: 49-3, Takakura-cho, Hachioji, Tokyo
  • Website: https://om-digitalsolutions.com/ (available from January 5th)
  • Representative Director: Shigemi Sugimoto (Representative Director and President)
  • Business Operations: Operations involving the manufacture and sale of digital cameras (primarily lens cameras
  • interchangeable mirrorless), interchangeable lenses and audio products, including IC recorders
  • Capital: approximately 37 billion yen (as of January 1, 2021)
  • Number of employees: approximately 2,000 globally

Olympus: Imaging division officially sold

What will change for the consumer? In the near future absolutely nothing. This is a change of ownership that does not change the company’s structure for the time being. However, strategies may change in the near future. It is said that JIP could focus strongly on the high end of the market, the one that is least affected by smartphone competition. We will see in the near future what will happen and we just hope not to see a historic brand like Olympus disappear from the international scene that has given so much in the past and has also revolutionized the mirrorless market thanks to its very compact Micro Four Thirds system. That’s all from the photography section, keep following us!