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On iPhone, Google apps will appear native to iOS

the Google app on iPhone for a long time they seemed almost “unrelated to iOS”, as if they had been transferred from Android without much thought. But this year Google has promised a graphic and functional change of its applications for the Apple operating system. A way to make Apple users feel “at home” in the Mountain View services.

Google apps will appear native to iOS and iPadOS

Until recently, Google believed that they bring his own Material Design even in the applications of Cupertino were a way to fill in some missing elements in the graphical interface of iOS and iPadOS, while also providing Apple users with a full experience of Google services. But many users complained about the difficulty of using apps that did not meet Apple’s graphics and functional standards.

Google’s responsible for design in Apple systems Jeff Verkoeyen he explained it without too many words. “As we continued our quest for pixel parity across platforms, our iOS components were drifting further and further away from Apple’s fundamentals because those rules were changing every year.” This led to the question of whether it wasn’t better to “just use the system solutions e look over“.

Google therefore acknowledged that theUIKit on Apple he had matured enough to provide all the interface elements needed to deliver great customer service. So he decided to adopt Apple’s standard navigation leaving only a few “Light touch of brand”To keep the Google look also on iOS.

In addition to adopting the style of iOS, Google has also decided to adopt the latest features. Like the widget for the majority of services and support to become the browser or system email client. The arrival of the Google Photos widget first on iOS and then on Android had already demonstrated this last year.

It remains to be seen how the upcoming changes for Android 12 can be translated to iOS. Both the Material You that the Dynamic Color, which changes the color of the app to suit your background, it seems that they only stay on the green robot system. But the new focus on Apple products seems like a step change that Google is determined to keep.

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