One Piece, arriva la Marina | Jump Highlights

Before the usual week-long hiatus, One Piece shows us the Navy ships heading to Wano. In My Hero Academia, Shigaraki faces off against Star and Stripe

The cover of Weekly Shonen Jump this week is dedicated to the manga king of the magazine, One Piece. The battle of Wano, in fact, rages and is headed for its conclusion, but a new danger for our people is approaching the island.

As we already knew, the CP0 is watching closely the moves of the Luffy-Law-Kidd alliance. And, above all, very close, in a hidden room of the castle of Onigashima. After all, the government agents had a close relationship with Kaido and Orochi, and, in fact, control over the island thanks to the production and export agreements of weapons and materials under the table.

From the headquarters, the new member of the group Rob Lucci he makes it known that, in the event Kaido falls, the World Government does not intend to give up control of Wano. The Navy ships are already on their way to the land of the samurai, ready to surprise the pirates already tried by the battle.

As if that were not enough, it is obvious that Lucci and Kaku do not want to let the precious escape Nico Robin.

Oden’s dream of opening the country risks turning into a nightmare, with these enemy ships on the horizon. How will the Mugiwara manage to save the day?

One Piece, arriva la Marina | Jump Highlights

Not only One Piece: other highlights of Shonen Jump

Last time, we told you about the new heroine who appeared in My Hero Academia, the number one in the USA, Star and Stripe.

Although its quirk is not known to us, it was not difficult to imagine that it was something of great interest to theAll for One. And in fact the latter wastes no time, sending Shigaraki and the nomu to intercept the heroin when she is still traveling. If the villains get their hands on his quirk, the war will be pretty much over.

Unexpected and disastrous event also in DR. STONE, where the Medusa in possession of the scientific team, which had to be preserved so that it did not represent a danger, is activated for no apparent reason, petrifying even Gen. The hope is that its range is limited, or for the stone world there is no hope.

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