On Spotify comes the lyrics of the songs

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Spotify launches the possibility of following the song lyrics on its streaming app, a function that arrives for all accounts (even free) all over the world. The lyrics come from Musixmatch, which ensures that you have the text of over 8 million songs. The lyrics will arrive for both iOS and Android, as well as on the PC, console and even smart TV apps.

Spotify brings song lyrics streaming all over the world

The new feature displays lyrics in real time, helping you sing along with your favorite artists or study the lyrics of a song you just discovered up close. But there is also a social element: you can in fact share the phrases of your favorite songs on different platforms.

The feature to show lyrics, which returns after the end of the collaboration with Musixmatch in 2016, had first arrived only in Japan. Until now in the rest of the world there was only the “Behind the Lyrics“, Which tells the story behind many songs and which Spotify gets thanks to the collaboration with Genius. However, the addition of the texts is a simple addition that is appreciated by many. With the arrival of the text, Spotify told TechCrunch that will delete the Behind the Lyrics session.

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How to view song lyrics

Looking at the lyrics of your favorite songs (or the ones you’ve just discovered) is simple. Enough:

  • click on the section “Now playing” dell’app mobile
  • Swipe up from the bottom of the screen
  • You will now see the text in real time.
  • To share, just click “Share

On the desktop version of the app just click on the icon in the shape of microphone in the “Now Playing” section, while on smart TV apps you should find the dedicated button.

In this simple way, you can follow the lyrics of your favorite songs. So you just have to put on your headphones and clear your throat: ready to sing in time?