On the green with Garmin Approach S70, the smartwatch for golf

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Wearing a polo shirt and cap that we hoped would keep us unnoticed among real golfers, we hit the course to test out the brand new Garmin Approach S70, the company’s latest “GolfWatch”. A smartwatch dedicated to golfers, offering a number of advanced features to improve your performance in the field.

Garmin Approach S70, the smartwatch designed for golf (and those who love it)

For those of us who know very little about this sport, golf seems like an excellent reason to isolate yourself for a few hours, surrounded by greenery and instead of too many thoughts. But the 18-hole experts tell us there’s a lot more science to the sport. Thoughts and stress go away because they are replaced by an iron concentration and precise calculations to decide which stick to choose among the 14 that you can bring in the competition, how much strength to use, which path to take.

But Garmin offers technological help all concentrated in a compact and light format, which fits comfortably on the wrist: Approach S70.

This watch, available in two case sizes (47 mm and 42 mm)there is a display AMOLED high resolution that allows you to clearly view the information of over 43,000 golf courses worldwide, already stored in the internal memory. With this information and the GPS accuracy the company has been known for for years, you can always make the right decision. The rest is all in the position of the hands on the wood or on the iron, the swing of the hips and the other fifty indications that the masters have given us on the field – and that we have put into practice quite poorly. Garmin Approach S70 does not hit the hole if like us you don’t know how to play. But it becomes an excellent tool for professionals and amateurs.

Advanced features to never miss a hole

Among the most interesting functions, the Virtual Caddiewhich suggests the most suitable stick based on the weather conditions and the player’s skills. The PlaysLike Distance feature allows you to calculate the trajectory based on the slopes of the field. In addition, the Approach S70 calculates the effective shot distance, taking into account the slopes of the land and environmental factors such as wind, pressure, temperature and humidity, thanks to the integrated barometer.

Garmin’s Approach S70 series offers a number of advanced features for the avid golfer. Among these, the CourseView maps, covering more than 43,000 golf courses worldwide and which are updated periodically.

Plus, with data Green Contouryou can get a detailed view of the slopes of the green to improve your strokes – this is a feature that requires a Garmin Golf™ Membership.

Finally, with the function AutoShot and tracking sensors Approach CT10 (purchased separately), which you can insert into the grip of the clubs, you can monitor your swing and analyze your shots.

A complete smartwatch, even off the green

garmin approach s70 golf smartwatch golfwatch min

The Approach S70 family stands out for its elegant and refined design, thanks to the ceramic bezel that frames an AMOLED touchscreen with scratch-resistant lens. The Approach Series offers two case size options: 42 mm in the White and Powder Gray versions e 47 mm in the Black version.

These stylistic choices give the golfwatch an appearance suitable for any occasion, both sporty and formal. And the White version also winks at the slimmer wrists of female golfers, which according to the Golf Federation are on the rise. With fixing system QuickFitwith 20 mm lugs for the small version and 22 mm for the black version, you can also easily customize the strap.

The Approach S70 is also a complete smartwatch, which it delivers smart notifications, activity and sleep tracking, contactless payments with Garmin Pay and a battery that lasts up to 16 days in smartwatch mode and up to 20 hours in GPS mode. The Approach S70 is perfect for golfers of all levels, even when leaving the green.

Garmin Approach S70, smart features and price

Approach S70 also offers all the attention Garmin smartwatches have accustomed us to. The watch has pre-set sport profiles that make training easiershowing parameters such as heart rate, la Body Battery, sleep quality and others. Also, you can create your own workouts by choosing among more than 1,600 exercises with the Garmin Coach function available on the Garmin Connect app. This way you can always train, not just golf.

In addition to the aforementioned wrist notifications, secure payments with Garmin Pay include the ability to listen to music from apps Spotify, Deezer o Amazon Music when paired with wireless headphones.

The Serie Approach S70 is now available as of 699,99 euro for the 42mm models, while the 47mm model costs 749.99 euros: you can find all three variants on the Garmin website.