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One Piece: all the news on the live-action series

The new One Piece live-action series is produced by Netflix and is raising the expectations of its audience a lot: let’s find out what’s new together

The live-action One Piece that will be available on Netflix was one of the most exciting announcements this year for all fans of the series. Even more incredible is a real letter that the creator of the series has written to his fans and published in these days.

One Piece: all the news on the live-action series

I’ve been working with Tomorrow Studios and Netflix for quite some time now. While they fully understand each of the characters, it is obvious that we come from different cultures and have different principles, abilities and goals in entertainment. This can be frustrating for everyone. I thought, “We have a common goal, why aren’t we on the same wavelength?” At one point I even wondered if it was possible to make a foreign production…

It may seem strange, but after a period of hard work, now all parties involved work together in full harmony. Finally we did it!

Given my life expectancy, I believe this is my last chance to introduce One Piece to the world and I would like to do so in a supervisory role while I can. That’s why in 2016 I agreed to make the live action adaptation of One Piece.

Netflix has since devoted enormous resources to this production. It has been announced that the series will see the light of day in 2023, but I have been promised that it will not come out until I am satisfied.

The crew and cast from various countries show boundless love for One Piece! They have so much passion and I reminded all of them not to take things too seriously.

We have now reached the final stage and we are about to complete all eight episodes!

Very soon we will unfurl the sails!

An exciting letter to all fans from master Maestro Eiichiro Oda, which provides many news, such as the confirmation of the series on the Netflix platform by 2023 and its first eight episodes ready.

At this point we can’t wait to see the series and hope it’s really as great as these premises.

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