One Piece Film Red: four special screenings anticipate the theatrical release

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The wait is rising for the theatrical release of One Piece Film Red: the launch will be anticipated by four special screenings around Italy

After the extraordinary success of the preview in the original language, One Piece Film Red also begins its journey in dubbed version, with various screenings that will anticipate the theatrical release, scheduled for December 1, 2022. The previews in Japanese have scored 51,000 admissions and almost 400,000 euros in collections, numbers that have led to an increase in the success of One Piece Film Red, also received with great enthusiasm in France and capable of breaking many records at home. So, now it’s time for the dubbed version, with the Italian voices of the film that will be the protagonists of the four previews announced by Anime Factory, the label owned by Plaion Pictures, the film’s producer. Let’s go, therefore, to discover the calendar of special screenings of the new chapter of the famous manga created by Eiichiro Oda.

One Piece Film Red: the calendar of previews

The film will be presented by the film’s voice actors: Renato NovaraLuffy’s voice Luca Bottalevoice actor of Usopp, Emanuela Pacottowho lends the voice to Nati, e Patrick Prataas Zoro. All participants in the special screenings will receive an exclusive set of postcards of the film and it will be possible to be the protagonist of an autograph session with the voice actors before the screening.

The previews are scheduled between 22 and 23 November in Rome, Milan, Modena and Brescia. Here are the stages with places, times and protagonists:

  • Tuesday 22 November ROMA: The Space Rome Parco de Medici, screening at 8.10pm, pharmacopoeia at 7.30pm. Present Renato Novara and Luca Bottale
  • Tuesday 22 November MILANO: Uci Bicocca, screening at 8.30 pm, pharmacopoeia at 8.00 pm. Emanuela Pacotto and Patrizio Prata were present
  • Wednesday 23 November MODENA: Cinema Victoria, screening at 21.00, pharmacopoeia at 20.00. Present Renato Novara and Luca Bottale
  • Wednesday 23 November BRESCIA: Cinema Oz, screening at 21:00, pharmacopoeia at 20:30. Emanuela Pacotto and Patrizio Prata were present

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