Il nuovo SEAT MÓ 125 Performance, potenza e dinamicità in città thumbnail

The new SEAT MÓ 125 Performance, power and dynamism in the city

The new SEAT MÓ 125 Performance offers a powerful and high-performance solution for those who want to get around the city on two wheels. A faster product with great acceleration, so as to get a Guiness World Record.

SEAT MÓ 125 Performance, powerful and dynamic

SEAT’s new bike is truly a record-breaking one. In fact, it set the Guiness World Record on October 6 for the electric scooter that traveled the most kilometers in 24 hours, reaching 1,430 km with a team and 1,158 km individually.

These results demonstrate how much SEAT has taken care of the engine from 7.5kW of power (11.5kW peak). Which manages to push the scooter to 105 kilometers per hour for thirty seconds in boost (which can be activated after two minutes). The acceleration is also excellent, which allows you to reach 50km/h in just 2.9 seconds, one less than the standard version.

SEAT MO 125 Performance moped min

In addition to improving performance, braking ability also grows in any condition, with excellent suspensions designed specifically for this eScooter, with the rear designed by Öhlins.

Also pay attention to the seat developed with Shadmade in Alcantara in Black, very comfortable for both the driver and a passenger.

The lithium-ion battery from 5.6kWh allows you to reach 137 kilometers of autonomy in one refill. And even recharging the eScooter with the power outlet at home, you can get to 100% in 6-8 hours.

The eScooter will come in two versions, Tarifa Blue and Barcelona Greyby the first quarter of 2023. We will keep you updated on this.

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