One True Pairing: Brian and Justin's best moments in Queer as Folk

One True Pairing: Brian and Justin’s best moments in Queer as Folk

Here we are at the new appointment with One True Paring, the column dedicated to the most beautiful couples of the TV series: this time we talk about Brian and Justin in Queer as Folk

Someone called it the best love story ever told, and whoever said it was not entirely wrong. Brian Kinney e Justin Taylor of Queer as Folk they taught us that love “it is not subject to Time, though rosy lips and cheeks must fall under its curved blade. Love does not change in a few hours or weeks, but fearlessly resists the final day of judgment“.

In the new appointment of One True Pairing, we remember the most exciting moments of the relationship between Brian and Sunshine!

Brian and Justin’s best moments in Queer as Folk

1. Brian defends Justin from his homophobic father

The first moment we realize that Brian really cares about Justin coincides with the latter’s coming out with his family. Craig, Justin’s father, initially throws the boy out of the house, then, when he decides to welcome him back, he does so on one condition: that the son hides his sexual orientation. At that point, Brian, who does not consider the request acceptable, decides to intervene by screaming at him that Craig’s towards Justin is nothing but hatred.

2. The dance

Justin can’t wait to dance with his handsome knight during the school prom. Initially reluctant to participate in an event aimed at teenagers, Brian unexpectedly shows up at the party, just in time to spin the young boy to the tune of “Save the last dance for me”, a song that fully reflects their relationship: the two lovers may also have an open relationship, but at the end of the day, what really matters is to return to the other, reserve the last dance for them.

3. At Justin’s bedside

Hobbs never misses an opportunity to make Justin’s life hell at school. When, after the dance, he attacks him with a baseball bat, Justin is dying and is rushed to the hospital. Brian, who had never openly shown his feelings for the boy, dissolves in uncontrollable tears, and remains at his bedside for the entire time of convalescence.

4. Brian stays close to Justin

Even after having recovered almost completely physically (except for the use of his hand), Justin still cannot leave his aggression behind, and it becomes difficult for him to even walk around people. Although all his friends are close to him, Brian will be the one to help him more than anyone else. It is impossible to forget the moment in which she encourages him to join him in the crowd, making him finally overcome the trauma suffered.

5. Sunshine

From the moment she meets him and welcomes him like a son, Debbie Justin becomes Sunshine. It is easy to understand why: the boy is handsome, sunny and full of life. And when Justin smiles happily and enthusiastically at Brian, he finally notices it too:

I kissed you, I said “see you later”, and then you turned to me and smiled at me. And I understand why Debbie calls you Sunshine.

6. Justin chooses to go back to Brian

Having an open relationship with Brian starts to become a problem for Justin, who would like an exclusive relationship with the man he loves. When she meets the violinist Ethan Gold she decides to leave Brian and start an affair with the same age. Justin soon realizes that the things he was looking for in Ethan, he actually already had with Brian. So he decides to take a step back, apologize to Brian and get back with him.

7. Brian admits he has a boyfriend

Brian Kinney has always hated monogamy, preferring casual partners and one-night stands. The relationship with Justin is an exception for him, who for the first time admits to having a boyfriend. When Hunter asks him whether or not he’s engaged in a story, Brian replies by saying “In an unfinished and unconventional way, yes“.

8. The long-awaited “I love you”

After a bomb goes off in Babylon, Brian is terrified of having lost Justin forever. The fear of never having told him what he really feels for him finally pushes him to tell him his feelings.

I was so fucking scared. All I could think about was’ Please don’t let anything bad happen to him. I love you. I love you’

9. “I would give anything, I would do anything, I would be anything”

After the hate crime at Babylon, Brian puts his entire life and deep-seated beliefs into perspective. Because of this, he asks Justin to marry him, even if that means going against everything he believed in. When Justin asks him why he did it, Brian replies:

To show the person I love how much I love them. That I would give anything, I would do anything, I would be anything … to make him happy.

10. Altruism

Despite the desire to marry him, when Justin is offered the chance to study in New York, Brian decides to step back and let him go, because continuing to be together would mean turning their love into a cage where they would both be sentenced to prison. unhappiness.


Even if in the series finale they are forced to say goodbye, the love story between Brian and Justin remains epic, because he has been able to withstand any adversity, has gone through many ups and downs, and has shown that their separation will never be final. . Brian and Justin will continue to love each other despite the miles that separate them, they will find each other again, and, when they do, it will be as if time has never really passed for them.