One True Pairing: i migliori momenti di Emma e Hook in Once Upon a Time

One True Pairing: i migliori momenti di Emma e Hook in Once Upon a Time

Let’s relive the most emotional moments that characterized Emma and Hook’s romantic story in Once Upon a Time

Let’s go back to 2012, to the introduction of Hook/Killian Jones in the world of Once Upon a Time, squabbling with Emma, to the first timid attempts for him to break into the heart of the Savior and we retrace their entire history, from the beginning to the well-deserved happy ending.

The best moments of Emma and Hook in Once Upon a Time

1. Emma and Hook’s journey into the past

In Season 3’s double finale, Emma and Hook are thrown into an alternate past in the Enchanted Forest on the day of Snow White and Prince Charming’s first meeting. The two, who must blend in and be careful not to rewrite history to avoid catastrophic repercussions, work together to return to their world like never before. Thanks to the adventures in the world of fairy tales, complete with a royal ball, Emma will understand that her home is Storybrooke.

2. La Jolly Roger

But how did Emma and Hook get home? In the final scenes of No Place Is Like Home, the season 3 finale, the charming pirate reveals that he traded his Jolly Roger for a beanstalk. Emma, ​​moved by Hook’s altruism, can’t help but kiss him.

3. The climb

Emma and Mary Margaret agree to work with Hook to retrieve the magic beans that will bring them home. When the group arrives near the Beanstalk, Emma and Hook start climbing to get to the top and retrieve their escape route. The climb is characterized by constant squabbles which, however, are more like the beginning of a flirt.

4. Hook’s happy ending

The pursuit of a happy ending is somewhat of the mantra of Once Upon a Time. While, however, for Snow White and Prince Charming it was always clear which was theirs, it was not so for Emma and Hook, much more cynical than the other characters in the series. But when Hook admits during Season 4 that his happy ending is his Swan, it sounds like the most romantic of love declarations.

5. The first kiss

Emma, ​​Hook, Regina, Snow White and Prince Charming are on Neverland trying to save little Henry, a prisoner of the evil Pan along with a bunch of other lost children. When Hook saves David’s life, Emma is visibly impressed, so much so that she exchanges a passionate kiss with him (the first of a long series).

6. The attempted kiss of true love

After moving away from Stprybrooke and having lost all memory of it, Emma and her son Henry move to New York, a city where they spend a quiet life away from any dark spell (at least apparently), at least until, a year later, Hook shows up at their door to bring them back. The pirate’s approach, who hopes to wake Emma up with the kiss of true love, isn’t exactly the best, and Emma’s reaction is hilarious.

7. Emma e Hook a Camelot

Emma has become the new Dark Lady and her heart is gripped by darkness. During her time in Camelot, Hook’s proximity, who manages to silence the demons in her mind, is the only thing that gives the Savior relief.

8. Emma and Hook’s wedding

The crowning of the love between Emma and Hook takes place in the sixth season of the series when, despite the curse of the Black Fairy about to invade Stoybrooke, their marriage is celebrated with joy and harmony.

9. Emma’s childhood

During the fourth season of the series, the relationship between Emma and Hook begins to get serious so much that Emma, ​​usually reluctant to show her fragility, decides to open up with the pirate by telling him about her lonely childhood.

10. The first date

The only way to save Hook from the Darkness that pervades his heart is to pierce him with Excalibur. Although Emma is forced to kill the man she loves, even death cannot separate them, because the Savior leaves with Mary Margaret, David, Regina, Robin, Henry and Gold on Charon’s ferry to the Underworld to save Killian.


Started off as the most unlikely of pairing, the one between “Swan” and Killian Jones turns into a love story made of sacrifices, mutual understanding and disinterested gestures. The Savior and the Pirate, with irony and continuous digs first, and with great romantic gestures then, managed to conquer everyone, and today it is completely impossible to think of Once Upon a Time without immediately remembering Captain Swan.