One True Pairing: the best moments of Jules and Rue in Euphoria

One True Pairing: the best moments of Jules and Rue in Euphoria

Let’s retrace the most memorable moments that characterized the teenage love story between Jules and Rue in Euphoria

We have compiled a top ten of the most intense moments of the relationship between Jules Vaughn e Rue Bennett, stars of the hit HBO series, Euphoria.

The best moments of Jules and Rue in Euphoria

1. The return

In the finale of Euphoria’s second special episode, Rue and Jules reunite after a long time. During the night of Christmas Eve, Rue rushes to Jules’s house to wish her well in person, and Jules, just back from an analysis session, starts to apologize to the girl he’s in love with. The moment is cathartic, both are overwhelmed by mutual feelings, so Rue, in tears, walks away once again.

2. Rue has been sober for two weeks

Rue finally realizes that she needs to focus on her sobriety. When Jules reminds her that she managed to stay clean for two weeks, he fills her with kisses with contagious enthusiasm.

3. In Jules manca Rue

Jules visits TC, a close friend from his old school, and meets Anna, a girl he spends the night with. The next morning, however, he wakes up with a feeling of sadness and melancholy. He climbs to the roof and sends a message to Rue, writing that she misses him so much.

4. The first real kiss

Jules just found out that Tyler, the guy she started chatting with, is none other than Nate. Distraught, she goes to Rue’s house to stay and sleep with her. That’s when they share their first real kiss.

5. L’ultimatum

The relationship between Rue and Jules is an alternation of constant ups and downs. Jules is worried about Rue’s drug abuse and is persuaded to give her an ultimatum: they will only be able to continue dating if Rue manages to stay sober. For Jules’s sake, Rue begins to work hard to stay clean.

6. The first meeting

After threatening Nate with a knife, Jules walks away from the party at the boy’s house. It is here that she meets Rue for the first time who, enchanted by the newcomer, asks her to take her home by bike. A meeting that marks the beginning of everything …

7. Retrospective

During a session with the psychologist, Jules retraces all the moments of his relationship with Rue. For the first time, she really opens up about her feelings for the girl, confessing that she is in love with her, but, at the same time, having to keep away from her so as not to be hurt by Rue’s addiction, which brings to mind her own. mother.

8. The invitation to dinner

Rue and Jules begin dating more and more frequently. In a somewhat awkward way, the first invites the other to her house for a dinner at her house, stating that her mother does nothing but ask her about her. Jules is happy to hear that Rue told her family about her.

9. The skating rink

Rue is so into Jules that, when things start to get serious between them, she decides it’s time to take her to the skating rink with Lexi, her childhood friend. It is especially sweet to see the three girls having fun together.

10. Halloween

It’s Halloween night and Rue and Jules go to a school friend’s party together. Here Jules starts exhibiting strange behavior and drinking until he gets drunk. Rue, worried, wonders why the girl is unusual, and wonders what’s behind it.


The one between Jules and Rue is the least conventional of relationships. Although linked by a great love, both have done nothing but hurt each other. However, coming to terms with their personal problems could be the beginning of a healthy and genuine relationship, which we can’t wait to discover.