One True Pairing: the best moments of Ten and Rose in Doctor Who

Welcome back to our usual appointment with One True Pairing, the column dedicated to the most beautiful couples of the TV series: this time we analyze the relationship of Ten and Rose in Doctor Who

Rose Tyler is the first companion of the Doctor to be introduced in the 2005 revival of Doctor Who. The nineteen-year-old young woman immediately sees time and space travel on the Tardis as an opportunity to escape the monotony of her existence, to give meaning to her life. Traveling alongside her, Rose inevitably ends up falling in love with the Lord of Time, in particular with the tenth incarnation, the one to which the Scottish actor David Tennant lends his face.

Let’s relive together the most emotional moments of the platonic story between Rose Tyler and the Tenth Doctor.

The best moments of Ten and Rose in Doctor Who

1. Rose accepts the new Doctor

In the Season 1 finale, Christopher Eccleston’s Doctor gives way to the one played by David Tennant. When Rose witnesses the regeneration, she is confused and upset because she fears she has lost the man she loved forever. However, during the adventure with the Sycorax, who try to conquer the Earth, the girl realizes that, despite all the changes, behind the new face and new personality, there is always her Doctor. For this reason, once the threat is averted, when Ten asks her if she still wants to travel with him, she has no doubts in replying that he will remain by his side for eternity.

2. “You are so different”

The first space adventure of the Tenth Doctor and Rose Tyler takes place on New Earth, in the year 5 billion and 23. Before discovering what awaits them in New New York, Ten and Rose find time to relax a little. During their chat, Rose is enchanted by the Doctor’s new personality. “You are so different”She tells him with a big smile. “New new Doctor“Ten answers with irony.

3. Ten expresses her fears to Rose

The arrival of Sara Jane Smith, the Doctor’s longtime companion in the 1960s series, upsets Rose, who immediately becomes jealous of the woman who has known the Time Lord for much longer than she has. In discovering the past with Sarah Jane, Rose begins to fear that Ten will leave her behind at some point, that he will replace her when she finds a new assistant, and it is when she explains her reasons to the Doctor that he really opens up. with her for the first time: “You want to spend the rest of your life with me, but I can’t spend the rest of mine with you. I have to go on living. Only. This is the curse of the Time Lords“.

4. Stuck together

Ten and Rose get stuck on a space base located on a planet orbiting a black hole from which it seems impossible to get away. Ten immediately apologizes to Rose for dragging her into that adventure from which she will apparently never return home. The young woman, however, immediately heartened him by telling him that being stuck with him wouldn’t be so bad.

5. The separation

During the epic battle with the Dalek and Cyber-men army of the Season 2 finale, Rose is tragically stuck in a universe parallel to the Doctor’s. The farewell between the two is extremely dramatic because reuniting seems impossible. The staging of their separation is particularly suggestive because we see them in the same room, with their heads resting against the same wall, but further away than ever.

6. Rose declares her love for Lt.

After the breakup, Ten manages to project a hologram of himself into Rose’s universe. In what appears to be their last meeting, Rose declares her feelings to the Doctor. When the Time Lord tries to do it too, unfortunately, the time available to them disappears.

7. Rose confesses to Donna how the Doctor made her feel

During the fourth season of Doctor Who, Rose looks for a way to make parallel universes communicate again. When he meets Donna, the Doctor’s current partner, he confesses how Ten made her feel special.

8. The return

Rose finally manages to find a way to return to her original universe. When he meets the Doctor again, it doesn’t matter that they are in the middle of the battle: Ten and Rose run happily towards each other, and in that moment only they exist.

9. The human Ten

During the battle with the Daleks, a human version of Ten is spawned. The new Doctor is born of a war, a genocide, and he needs someone by his side who can change him. For this reason, the original Ten entrusts him to Rose, who had previously managed to heal the Tenth Doctor himself from the traumas of the Time War. Rose and the human Ten thus have the opportunity to live a mortal life together.

10. The first meeting

Before regenerating, Ten visits all of his companions. Finally, he chooses to greet Rose, a Rose from the past, who did not yet know him. The girl wishes him a happy new year, and Ten can say goodbye to that life and move on.


The romantic story between Ten and Rose, albeit at times dramatic, perfectly shows how love is first of all cares for each other. Both the Doctor and Rose are willing to understand each other, to help each other and to sacrifice themselves for each other. Theirs is a platonic relationship, in which kisses, caresses and great romantic gestures are replaced by altruism and the desire that the other always have the best.