One True Pairing: Victor and Benji’s Best Moments in Love, Victor

One True Pairing: Victor and Benji's Best Moments in Love, Victor

For the column dedicated to our favorite ships, this time we talk about Benji and Victor, the protagonist couple of the Love spin-off series, Simon

What are your favorite scenes of the couple formed by Victor and Benji in Love, Victor? We have chosen ten. Here they are below in the new appointment with the column dedicated to the most beautiful couples of the TV series.

The best moments of Victor and Benji in Love, Victor

1. Benji confesses his feelings

During Spring Fling, Benji definitely breaks up with Derek. When Benji confesses it to Victor, he reveals that what he needs is to have a person with whom he can always be himself, and that that person is really him. The two boys indulge in a passionate kiss.

2. The road trip

Benji and Victor are forced to go out of town to find someone to fix the coffee machine in the place they both work in. Traveling on the road becomes an opportunity to get to know each other better and bond even more.

3. The letter

After arguing with Benji, Victor doesn’t know what to do to regain his trust. Simon then proposes to write him a letter so that Benji can understand him better and forgive his mistakes.

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4. The birthday party

When Victor’s seventeenth birthday arrives, he decides to throw a party at his house to which friends and relatives are invited. The protagonist initially chooses to keep Benji and Derek’s romantic relationship hidden from his grandfather, introducing them to him as two simple friends. Benji is hurt, but Victor makes up for it when he defends his sexuality in front of his family.

5. The kiss

Victor and Benji get stuck in a motel on their way out of town. During the night, Benji opens up with the protagonist, confessing his difficulties in coming to terms with his own sexuality. At that point, Victor suddenly kisses him revealing, in fact, his feelings for him.

6. Call me Maybe

Benji and Victor are tidying up their coffee after a day of work, but despite the tiredness they find a way to relax and have fun when they dance nicely to the tune of Call me Maybe. This is the moment when the two really begin to bond.

7. The battle of the bands

Although Victor has done everything to keep Mia away from the band night at the club, their date still ends there, under the stage where Benji is performing during the battle to the sound of rock. Victor is struck by the boy’s talent, and it becomes more and more obvious that he has a crush on him.

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8. The coffee

It’s the first day of work for Victor, who still doesn’t quite know how to make the perfect coffee. Benji, then, immediately proves to be kind and helpful, and reveals all the tricks of the trade! The protagonist is increasingly fascinated by the boy.

9. Benji saves Victor from bullies

On the first day of school, Victor is targeted by bullies who make fun of him about his family’s financial situation. Benji intervenes immediately helping the newcomer and making sure he is okay.

10. The first meeting

It is the first day at the new school for Victor who, accompanied through the corridors by his friend Felix, meets Benji for the first time. The attraction towards him is immediate, and also the connection between the two, who begin to chat and feel at ease with each other right away.

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The story between Victor and Benji is a simple and everyday story that tells the importance of putting aside any kind of prejudice and always showing yourself for who you really are. A big step in terms of TV representation for the LGBTQ + community.

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