OneDrive: the Android version is compatible with Chromecast

With this OneDrive upgrade for Android it will finally be possible to show images and videos from the application interface

Microsoft has recently presented the new version a 64 bit di Windows One Drive, but that’s not all. Because one of the most requested and expected features by users has recently been added. In fact, from today, it is possible stream images and videos to Chromecast.

In practice, Microsoft has added a ‘icon in the toolbar that will appear when the presence of the Chromecast stick. This icon will allow the transfer of contents. It will be possible to transmit only the contents that the same application is able to reproduce, or, in other words, is not present no transcoding function automatic.

OneDrive: the Android version is compatible with Chromecast

Benefits of OneDrive users

The advantages are obviously manifold, starting from the fact that those who have backed up multimedia content will be able to start streaming immediately on your Microsoft account. All this without any additional steps, in a way simple e rapid. The distribution of the new OneDrive version for Android has just begun, and the Redmond multinational will enable its support a little bit at a time.

As required operating system, you will need to have Android 6.0 or a later version of the Google operating system. Clearly, it will be necessary that the Chromecast key and the Android mobile device are obviously connected to the same local network.

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