Online casino: what are the risks if you play on an unauthorized site?

Playing online is absolutely legal in Italy, but there must be a condition that cannot be ignored: in addition, of course, to being of age, the website to which reference is made must belong to a company that enjoys a regular state concession.

Before starting to play at a new online casino, therefore, it is essential carry out this check, and knowing if a site is duly authorized is not difficult at all.

The Customs and Monopolies Agency proposes a database on its website in which all the Gaming operators who enjoy regular concession are specified, in any case, without carrying out such zealous searches, on the net you can find pages offering lists of online casinos authorized by AAMS constantly updated with any “new entries”, without neglecting the fact that the home page of the site being evaluated must have the AAMS logo, or the Autonomous Administration of State Monopolies, or in alternative that of the Customs and Monopoly Agency, which is the public body to which it belongs.

But why is playing on an unauthorized website something that must be avoided in the most rigorous way? Let’s find out right away.

1 – You risk legal problems

First of all, gaming is a sector that is managed in a monopolistic manner in Italy, which means that gaming that takes place on unauthorized websites, as well as in non-licensed betting agencies, is to be considered to all intents and purposes illegal.

The companies that operate in this way commit a very serious crime, but the player is also responsible for his behavior and therefore exposes himself to legal risks.

2 – There is a risk that the odds of winning are altered

Beyond the legal aspects, playing in an unauthorized online casino means exposing yourself to not just risks from a technical point of view.

From this point of view, it must first of all be said that the online casinos of companies operating in Italy are subjected to rigorous controls by AAMS, checks that ascertain the smooth operation of all games.

If you play at an unauthorized online casino, on the other hand, you do not have any guarantees from this point of view, this means that a website could alter the normal odds of winning to the detriment of the player.

3 – You risk not receiving your winnings

If you win at an AAMS licensed online casino, your winnings are 100% guaranteed: since these sites have a state concession, the recognition of the winnings is ensured not only by the companies in question, but also by the state itself.

The same cannot be said, however, of an unauthorized Internet site: sites like these may not recognize the winnings achieved by the player and, should a situation like this arise, it is really unlikely that legal actions will be able to guarantee the collection of the amount due, since these are companies based abroad that are not at all authorized to exercise the activity in Italy.

4 – There is a risk of fraudulent use of your data

Finally, playing at an unauthorized online casino means exposing yourself to significant risks also from the point of view of privacy.

As known, in all online casinos a registration is required, which involves the insertion of multiple personal data, as well as a scan of the identity document.

Online casinos with AAMS authorization are extremely scrupulous from this point of view, having to comply with national and community regulations regarding the protection of privacy, but if you provide such data to an unauthorized website, these protections are no longer valid.

The companies in question, being anything but honest, could use the player’s data and documents to implement real scams, and this is a risk from which it is good to protect yourself with all the necessary attention.