Interview with Nicori: dreams and goals of a young cartoonist

Interview with Nicolò Rimerici, aka Nicori, a young Italian cartoonist and illustrator who is making his way into the world of Italian comics. We get to know Nicolò together, from his passion for drawing to Credunt, his new job

In this section we have often dealt with cartoonists and illustrators from Japan and other parts of the globe, certainly people of great talent and whose works made us dream. But today we want to offer you an interview with Nicori, stage name of Nicolò Rimerici, a young Italian illustrator who has recently published believe, his latest work. We decided to interview Nicolò to introduce you to a young, Italian and above all talented face.

Interview with Nicori: dreams and goals of a young cartoonist

Hi Nicori, thank you for the time you have decided to dedicate to us. Let’s break the ice with your presentation.

Hello everyone and thanks to you for the space you are offering me. In art my name is Nicori I am 24 years old and I am a Independent Illustrator and Cartoonist, in a nutshell, I self-produce all my Comics and projects, having total control of every stage of production and sale as well as the artistic realization. For a few months I have been drawing in streaming on Twitch. I am a fan of Folklore, especially Italian, of “magic” and the occult.

What was the spark that made you say: “Drawing must be my profession”?

When I was attending the Liceo Artistico in Venice, I started to love One piece, and thanks to this manga I thought for the first time that living by drawing could be my way. Of One Piece I have always loved the very varied character design and the spirit of adventure that accompanies the whole work. Obviously my tastes have changed over time, but the affection for One Piece will always accompany me.

Interview with Nicori: dreams and goals of a young cartoonist

In addition to drawing, you also dedicate your time to a Discord server, where all drawing enthusiasts can share their work. How important do you think support and community are for your work and that of the people who follow you?

The server Discord is one of the things that make me the most proud of my professional and artistic career so far. Every day I keep in touch with the members and with time they are also forming real friendships.
The support that the community gives me is fundamental for me, especially to stay up to date mentally and to stimulate my creativity. I am very proud when those who follow me are tempted to pick up the pencil again or approach drawing for the first time.

Have you ever thought about a project in collaboration with some of the subscribers to the server? | Interview with Nicori

As mentioned earlier, on discord, in addition to friendships, working collaborations were also born, so yes, there have been projects with the community and there will be in the future.
Also I always try to stimulate users creating small weekly drawing challenges, or real contests. I find it very important for me to give the right value to the drawings or works related to art (photography, music, etc.) of those who follow me.

Credunt, your latest comic, is just out. Tell us about the project: where does the idea come from and what is it about?

CREDUNT, more than from an idea, it comes from aneed, it’s a very important stream of consciousness to me. I came from a bad time, I did not feel fulfilled and I was not happy with my routine, with this comic I spit out all the anger and mental disorders that accompanied me.

I probably unconsciously created a comic for Credunt autoconclusive completely in color that sees as protagonists Three parallel dimensions inhabited by demons and clerics. A journey between worlds that has as its strong point the free interpretation by the reader, this is because it is a Work that does not present balloons or texts and therefore no constraints dictated by words. I love the visual story and I can consider it one of the main characteristics of my stories.

Anyone who wants to see you draw can do so thanks to your live shows on Twitch. What do you think of the community of artists on this platform?

Twitch it is an excellent showcase to show one’s skills or products, moreover the live interaction it offers with the chat is very interesting, especially to create effective contact with users. The community of Arte in the purple platform is a lot niche, and it is also thanks to this reason that it is easy interact with colleagues and create collaborations to broaden the audience. I am on excellent terms with all the guys I have met so far and we support each other by promoting contests or sharing our designs. Do not underestimate that slight veil of competitiveness positive that helps us improve.

Are you currently working on a new project?

I am always working on new projects, most of them carry them out on Twitch. But “in secret” I’m making my longest comic. Loving Italian folklore out of all proportion, I could not fail to choose as the protagonists of this story, magical, fantastic and witch-like elements that are part of the legends of our country… spoilers?

Who are the cartoonists and illustrators who have inspired you the most and continue to do so?

Certainly Gipi, one of the greatest Italian authors, he was the key to my artistic growth on a graphic level. Among my favorites I must mention Tony Sandoval, Eiichiro Oda, Akira Toriyama and above all Erik Svetoft. I also love the illustrations by Quentin Blake.

Drawing is not a simple job: what is the part of your profession that you love the most; and the one you love least?

The part of my work that I love the most is when I find myself in front of the blank sheet and I let myself be carried away unconsciously by the pen to create a harmonious shape; this is often how inputs for new stories or projects are born. I like to think that I am not in full control of what happens when I am in the creative phase. The part I appreciate least is when this harmony doesn’t exist and everything becomes more mechanical and fake, I have learned that in these times it is good to take a break. Back pain is a great classic that accompanies all of us armchair workers!

A dream in the drawer… | Interview with Nicori

My secret dream is to continue along this path, to be able to live on art, drawing and comics. I think it goes without saying but the truth is that it would make me really happy and proud of my life.

It does not end here!

We thank Nicori again for the time he has dedicated to us, and we wish him a career full of successes and triumphs. Here we have presented only part of Nicol’s work, so if you are curious you can go and say hello to him on his Instagram profile, where you will also find links to Discord, Twitch and the shop.