Online psychologist: psychological session directly from the smartphone

Over the years the figure of the online psychologist is growing more and more in Italy and around the world. Let’s find out how it works

The reason is quite intuitive, now almost everyone is used to doing anything with their smartphone. Not surprisingly, this tool today represents a real constant in a person’s life. For some time now, in official stores (for example iOS or Android) you can download some applications that allow you to have advice from real experts in the sector directly from your own smartphone., such as the one present at the following link.

Why it is worthwhile to do the session with an online psychologist

There are several reasons why a person may decide to undertake a path of online therapy, instead of focusing on traditional therapy. For example, the fact of not having time available, nowadays very few people have the opportunity to carve out an hour or two throughout the day to physically go to the psychologist. The applications, on the other hand, allow to obtain the same result in the best and shortest time possible, perhaps it is possible to have a chat with the therapist even in the lunch break. Furthermore, the sense of shame must also be taken into consideration, in fact, many experience feelings of discomfort in admitting that they go to a psychologist. However, according to recent studies, it would seem that this taboo is breaking down, it seems that about 40% of Italians have turned to a psychologist to help themselves or other people. Digital platforms have most likely also played an important role.

Another possible reason is the major one efficiency of therapy, in fact, thanks to the online sessions it is possible to have the opinion of an expert available at any time, even while on the other side of the world. In addition, another important factor needs to be considered, safety. Having a conversation with a therapist in your home is certainly more reassuring than the classic session in the professional’s office.

What is online therapy and how it differs from traditional therapy

The most important difference between the two approaches is the lack of contextual presence, of the professional and the patient, in the same room. There classical therapy in fact it takes place face to face directly in the professional’s office. Online therapy, on the other hand, takes place in different ways, which are no less effective. Generally the App give users the opportunity to interact with therapists by sending messages in special chats. Obviously these are not real “sessions”, however, they allow users to have a fixed presence with them to turn to in case of need, especially at any time. In addition to the messages, it is possible to interact with the therapist through video call, today technology allows us to have direct contact with a person even thousands of km away. During video calls, you can talk to your therapist about their own difficulties, their own problems, and together find a way to face them better.