La Nuova Opel Astra migliora la qualità dell'aria a bordo con il sistema Intelli-Air thumbnail

Opel Astra Intelli-Air healthy air inside the car

With the arrival of the new generation of Opel Astra e Opel Astra Sports Toureris introduced on the market also the new Intelli-Air system. This was born with the intention of guaranteeing all passengers healthy air to breathe inside the car.

The growing attention to the environment and the “toxic” particles that surround us without us even noticing have led Opel to develop this complex cabin air filtering system.

Opel Astra Intelli-Air

The air quality on board can be checked via the touchmonitor integrated into the Opel Astra dashboard. The system provides an emoji in the form of a rating and a value based on the AQI (Air Quality Index). This monitoring is performed using a PM 2.5 sensorcapable of detecting particles up to 2.5 micrometers in size.

The Opel Astra’s Intelli-Air system is based on combined activated carbon filters

Depending on the result, Opel’s Intelli-Air system works together with ventilation and air recirculation, which uses combined activated carbon filters against gas and odors. If necessary, the system can quickly renew the existing air in the passenger compartment. But not only: the same can also evaluate the quality of the outside air and block access to the passenger compartment.

The use of original Opel activated carbon filters can filter out odors and gases such as ozone. But also elements such as pollen are eliminated almost 100%. A panacea especially in the time of year usually complicated by people with various allergies.

According to the German carmaker, in an area with a high concentration of pollen we should always drive with the car windows completely closed. In fact, the Intelli-Air system and its filters do all the “cleaning” work of the air. And as evidenced by some tests, a simple sneeze can divert attention from the road for about 50 meters at a speed of 100 km /h. With all that this entails for one’s own safety and that of others.

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