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Rating: the Mixers team wins the eSport Red Bull Campus Clutch tournament

Last Friday the Italian Mixers team won the national eSports of the Valorant Red Bull Campus Clutch tournament: let’s fly to Brazil!

Of jokes about “putting the wings”, with a tournament like the Red Bull Campus Clutchyou can do it galore, but there is very little to joke with a team like the Mixers who have triumphed in the Italian eSport final from Valuing. Last Friday, November 10th, we witnessed the amazing performance that from the very beginning proved to be a real emotional roller coaster. The opponents, the Yes, 4they did their best, but the first fifteen skirmishes in the map Haven they saw the champions lead with a score of twelve to three. An advantage that soon proved irreversible.

Italian finals of Red Bull Campus Clutch: the students of Mixers beat Immo 4 at the Valorant eSport tournament

In a real breath of fresh air for the Italian eSport climate, both teams had a stadium supporters to support them. It will then be seen how, after the exploit at the VGP e-Studios in Milan, the Mixers will compete with the best of the best in Brazil, counting that Valorant’s catchment area exceeds 15 million players (with 300 universities and 50 nations involved in the challenge). The team’s victory was not taken for granted, given the position of the team Playboys of Yotoru University as favorites and the nature of Immo 4 as the revelation of the tournament. The formation of the champions, however, proved to be unbeatable.

Rating: the Mixers team wins the eSport Red Bull Campus Clutch tournament

In fact, we are talking about an authentic influencer in the title metagame, that is Rhagee. Also Z3roalready called up in the past in the Italian national team, has shown that he has what it takes to sell. RickyVail, in the rival team, he in turn showed off surprising skills, contributing to a team game with which the Immo 4 have imbued the competition with competitive tension. All this benefited from two exceptional reporters: the pro player and Dario Ferracci (aka the streamer Moonryde) and analyst Wolcat. We will see how it all ends a St. Paulin Brazil, with the final scheduled between 13 and 15 December 2022 and a prize pool of twenty thousand euros.

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