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Oppenheimer: Italian box office record for Christopher Nolan

With Oppenheimer, Christopher Nolan broke his previous box office record in Italy which belonged to The Dark Knight

There are now no more doubts that the Barbenheimer mania, which has led audiences from all over the world to reward two different films such as Barbie and Oppenheimer, moreover from two different studios, has also hit the Peninsula. With the latest Cinetel surveys, in our country Oppenheimer has managed to surpass the record previously set by The Dark Knight – The Return, as highest grossing Christopher Nolan film in Italy. Con 15.101.598 euro recorded so far in Italy, Oppenheimer is Christopher Nolan’s highest-grossing film, having beaten the previous one by 14.670.664 euro belonged to The Dark Knight Rises in 2012.

Christopher Nolan and Oppenheimer’s Italian box office record

Until yesterday, the only Italian box office record of Oppenheimer, Christopher Nolan’s latest effort, was that of the biggest debut of 2023 in the first weekend (having even beaten Barbie). It was assumed that the film about the scientist father of the atomic bomb, played by Cillian Murphywould be a huge success. It was much less obvious to imagine, before its release, that in Italy it could also crush The Dark Knight: when it comes to Batman, after all, in the world the third chapter of the DC trilogy still beats Oppenheimer with over a billion dollars against 788,186,568. Instead here in Italy, at least in absolute numbers, Oppenheimer is Nolan’s most loved film in our country.

Of course, one should pay attention to the factor inflationin the rest of the world as here: a tumultuous ten years have passed from the Dark Knight Returns and those 14,670,664 euros would be worth 19,696,762 today. To get a more immediate response without getting bogged down in complex economic estimates, it would be necessary to compare the number of paying spectators: with these parameters The Dark Knight Rises is still in the lead with 2,212,144 tickets sold, while Oppenheimer hovers around 1,824,323 through Thursday, August 31 inclusive. Will there be a definitive overtaking? We’ll find out shortly, in the meantime don’t miss our review of the film!

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