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OPPO: a customer care that borders on excellence

OPPO still focuses on customer care: stronger guarantees and continuous assistance for an effortless user experience above expectations.

From production to after-sales services: OPPO customer care

OPPO, among the leading global companies in the smart device sector, for years it has made attention to customers one of its strengths. This is also thanks to the offers that reflect the real needs of consumers. The brand’s cutting-edge devices, capable of satisfying every need, make simpler everyday life of thousands of users around the world.

Interesting data emerges from the most recent research on the relationship that consumers have with their smartphone. 39% of Italians expect brands to actively listen to their feedback and market goods and services in line with them. A second interesting fact is that 40%, in 2021, evaluated a competitor with the same product or service, due to the cattivo customer service.

OPPO over the years has proved to be a brand that is always close to the needs of consumers. The male provides excellent products, ensuring compliance with strict standards before marketing. These include over 360 tests which ensure the exceptional constructive care of the products. Furthermore, after the purchase, customer care represents an important side for the company, with extensive guarantees that protect devices from wear and come on accidental damage – in over 33 different countries.

Guarantees and extra services at no cost

In addition to the traditional 24-month coverage, the brand adds two additional guarantees:

  • Care Light for OPPO Find X3 Neo, Find X3 Lite, Reno6 and Reno6 Pro. This provides three months warranty for accidental damage from the time of purchase and a free screen change.
  • Care for OPPO Find X3 Pro, again including in this case a free screen change and warranty against accidental damage

Both are supplementary services at no cost, that prolong usability devices and protect the consumer from inconveniences, including economic ones, due to the repair of smartphones. For shorten further the times of separation from the device, OPPO provides the collection and delivery at home of devices. The whole at no additional cost to the customer, simplifying daily life of users.

Complementing the brand’s ecosystem of customer care services, this has established a network of 140 collection centers throughout the national territory. Thanks to these it is possible to use an in-store diagnosis service. Furthermore, thanks to a synergistic work with the stores iRiparo, it will be possible to quickly repair the devices. So waiting times for technical interventions will be minimized.

Finally, for all situations in which the user is not sure how to deal with the problems related to the device, OPPO provides personalized advice to find the most suitable solution: call center, live chat ed assistance away e-mail with a team located in Italy.

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