Oppo ColorOS 12: official announcement globally

Today Oppo’s new ColorOS 12 is officially announced globally. Let’s see together the news of the operating system

OPPO, one of the world’s leading brands in the smart device sector, today announces the new one operating system ColorOS 12 based on Android 12 available for the users from Worldwide. ColorOS 12 introduce un’brand new user interface, extremely customizable, with fluid performance e innovative features, think for stimulate the daily productivity and achieve a better work-life balance.

With the release of the beta version of ColorOS 12, OPPO is confirmed among the first brand worldwide a to support the new Android 12. This is important update will arrive first in Indonesia e Malaysia on OPPO devices Find X3 Pro; expansion international, which will also involve the other smartphones in the ecosystem, is expected for the next few months.

Oppo ColorOS 12: official announcement globally

Oppo ColorOS 12: an unprecedented user experience for greater productivity

The presence of OPPO in 68 countries of the world and in the life of 440 million users made central the theme of inclusiveness in development of ColorOS 12. The new user interface, in fact, is inspired by the Infinite design of OPPOrich and extremely customizable – offering a more inclusive experience and one at the same time even smoother graphics.

Guarantee users an ideal user experience, conjugating powers and aesthetics, was the focus of OPPO’s R&D activity. Thanks to the innovative anti-fragmentation system it’s a distribution smarter than resources, ColorOS 12 it has no lag O slowdowns, even after prolonged use. These important optimizations they allowed one decrease In the wear rate of the system 2,75% in 3 years, a use of the memory 30% lower it’s a consumption of the battery less than 20%.

With the purpose of satisfy digital creators around the world, the innovative Quantum Animation Engine takes it further 300 new animations to obtain dynamic effects e realistic, making the overall experience more convincing e intuitive. Also, useful features like PC Connect, 3-Finger Translate powered by Google Lens, FlexDrop e Phone Manager allow ColorOS 12 users to maintain a high productivity in every situation.

Priority to privacy: focus on basic features

OPPO welcomed the feedback from its users, giving great importance at the safeguard of the privacy. ColorOS 12 not only comes with all the security features provided by Android 12, including Privacy Dashboards, Approximate Location Sharing e Microphone&Camera Indicators, which allow users to manage your own privacy in easy way, but it also supports the popular ones functionality developed by OPPO, come Private System, Private Safe, App Lock and many more.

OPPO also has perfected further i filing systems e processing of personal data. Thanks to presence from dislocated servers in multiple locations in the world, the company guarantees that the data of users come kept only in the closest ones, saved in a non-textual format e transmitted exclusively using a proprietary protocol. For this careful privacy management, OPPO has received important awards worldwide, like ePrivacy e ISO27001.

An open operating system for Android developers

The operating system ColorOS e Android share always the vision of one open technology e interactive, with the purpose of elevate year after year the innovative standards, offering the best possible user experience.

In continuity with this perspective, the new version ColorOS by OPPO remains open to all android developers. In addition to the Software Development Kits free for the camera – which include OPPO’s most popular features, including Ultra Steady Video Shooting, HDR, and Super Wide-Angle – OPPO has put it to them arrangement also HyperBoost and functionality Color Vision Enhancement, per benefit developers e improve the whole ecosystem Android.

The ColorOS 12 roll-out plan

OPPO will initially release the beta version of ColorOS 12 in Indonesia e Malaysia, exclusively on smartphones OPPO Find X3 Pro 5G. The roll-out will continue then gradually – between the end of 2021 and 2022 – in other countries and across a wider range of devices. The company aims at involve in this important update beyond 110 device and more than 150 million users worldwide. Below, the timing announced by the company.

Oppo ColorOS 12: official announcement globally

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